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  • Started: 8 years ago on Sun 22nd Mar 2015

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Luke Doherty started this discussion 8 years ago.

Stanage arrangement

I was wondering what peoples thoughts were regarding the current arrangement of Stanage. Specifically:

  1. The sub-areas/buttress' are currently arranged in right-to-left order (facing the cliff) rather than left-to-right. This ordering however doesn't seem to be consistently applied within each sub-area (i.e. sometimes the climbs are listed L-to-R within a sub-area while in the adjacent sub-area the climbs are listed R-to-L). I think a R-to-L arrangement for the entire crag is more logical as this is how we tend to read a cliff face.

  2. While Stanage is not one perfectly continuous cliff face, the delineation between many of the buttress' is somewhat arbitrary. Rather than the current arrangement of 'groups of sub-areas', I think it would be better to organise Stanage using annotations similar to 'Frog Buttress' in Australia?

replied 8 years ago.

Go for it. A reasonable discussion went into getting Frog Buttress up to scratch, so if you think the model applies then make the changes here to. Do you need further permissions?

Luke Doherty replied 8 years ago.

Ok great Simon. Yes I think I will need extra permissions.

replied 8 years ago.

I have granted you permissions. Please let me know if you get stuck anywhere

Luke Doherty replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Simon. I should be ok but I expect that it will take me a while. Stanage isn't exactly a small crag...

replied 8 years ago.

Actually that is one great thing about the system. You can just make regular small changes rather then do everything at once.

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