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  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Thu 1st Sep 2022

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joljols started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

Minimum donation amount

I wanted to make a donation but see that there is a minimum of €20. I find this a bit surprising as at prohibits me from making a €5 or €10 donation now. Not enabling users to give donations lower than €20 will restrict the total amount of money that will be donated. Maybe you can only give the special badge beyond €20 for example. Just my thoughts.

replied 12 weeks ago.

+1, the inability to choose my actual 'donate now' amount made me hesitant to donate at all. And technically it's already possible to work around this by making a $5/mo subscription, then cancelling it straight away.. but that's sort of annoying to have to do.

Shaun Hurrell replied 12 weeks ago.

Agreed! Although maybe it's to cover TheCrag's costs of the payment system or something and they wouldn't actually get much return on a €5 donation

replied 12 weeks ago.

joljols feel free to donate a smaller amount using PayPal or bank transfer - thanks for supporting us!

joljols replied 12 weeks ago.

Okay will do, but consider my suggestion and adapting the text and possibilities on the donations page.

replied 12 weeks ago.

Just be aware that there can be fixed fees in payments so small amounts mean we give up large percentages. Also we have accounting and management activities associated with payments.

replied 12 weeks ago.

This comment has been removed.

replied 12 weeks ago.

I don't think is compulsory for climbers to use the crag. Google spreadsheet is good enough for personal logbook entries. Also, for the social part of it, there are plenty of Facebook pages related to climbing. The payment are not compulsory here, the site can be used freely, I don't understand what is the problem.

replied 12 weeks ago.

To keep the fees low, my suggestion would be to offer quarterly or half-yearly instead of monthly. Perhaps worth considering.

replied 12 weeks ago.

I have just been made aware that my response may have been a bit harsh and unappreciative. That was unintended and I apologise. I am very busy and juggle a lot of things so I am trying to respond quickly and honestly.

I assure you we appreciate all your financial support. It means we can keep the lights on. In the past we put money in ourselves to keep theCrag going, there is no way we can afford to do that now as we have scaled to the size that is to big to be supported by a couple of individuals. theCrag is dependent and survives based on financial contributions by supporters.

Please note that the system is not set up for small donations but as Ulf said we are willing to give it a go to see what issues it creates.

Assuming you want to make it as easy for us as possible for us please make sure you include your account login so we can easily look you up.

You could also signup for monthly donations and then stop one month later. If you do this please put a comment when you stop so we know why you are stopping.

Alternatively you could save up and make a financial contribution later. Because the site is free and some people are contributing this is fine.

We will review in 6 months or so.

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