Discussion: Prohibición temporal // Temporary climbing ban

  • Started: 10 months ago on Mon 24th Oct 2022

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Access Prohibición temporal // Temporary climbing ban

El propietario del terreno, por el que pasa el acceso regular, ha colocado carteles que prohíben el paso por sus tierras.

Por favor, absténga de visitar la escuela hasta que se resuelva la situación.



The land owner, through which the regular approach leads, has put up signs prohibiting passing through his land.

Please, refrain from visiting the crag until the situation is resolved.


Resolved Wed Jan 4 2023

Rachel h replied 10 months ago.

Confirmed, access is restricted

replied 10 months ago.

Apparently, the land owner calls the police in case of any trespassing.

Attached is a photo of a supposed incident on 2022-11-04.

replied 8 months ago.

Crag re-opened

Resolved - Wed Jan 4 2023

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