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  • Started: 11 weeks ago on Tue 15th Nov 2022

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Victor started this discussion 11 weeks ago.

Using Google Earth for Topos?

Is the use of Google Earth allowed to draw topos for TheCrag? Some parts of "Sächsische Schweiz" are really detailed. Removed

Bowline Dandy replied 11 weeks ago.

Just use that picture for the topo then, lol

replied 11 weeks ago.

I don't think the Google license allows that.

Poppy replied 11 weeks ago.

Google Enterprise Geo Master License

5 Restrictions.

...5.1 General. Unless otherwise provided in the Documentation or agreed in advance and in writing by Google, Customer will not, and will not allow others to:...

...(b) extract any Google Content to be used outside of the Services;...

replied 11 weeks ago.

Yup - this is a no go

IamBlue replied 11 weeks ago.

maybe theres a way to extract the 3d models someway and obscure it to a degree anyway thanks for letting me know, i wish i wouldve thought about google earth before going to various crags and especially the elbi. the amount of detail is nuts.

replied 11 weeks ago.

IamBlue, obscuring the source of data doesn't change whether it is copyright infringement. If anything, it is evidence of consciousness of guilt.

IamBlue replied 11 weeks ago.

you're completely right and one definitely shouldn't rob google out of potential profits by using their data without asking first.

replied 11 weeks ago.

Please, rob google. Bankrupt them if you can. Just don't leave thecrag holding the bag if google takes an interest.

Mel replied 10 weeks ago.

Sergey Komarov +1 ;-)

uuuh, tricky. already wanted to write a HowTo-thread about such additional mapdata.

No, don't take google's data. Though it would be great to use the footage for topos.

BUT: you can always simply link to such data, as an additional ressource.

e.g., for the area description of Pfaffenstein in the Elbsandstein, one could add lines like:

"for additional imagery use

those then already lead to the according area. (to get the links: use the viewers to get the desired view/perspective, then simply copy+paste the URI)

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