Discussion: Spots for First ascents in europe?

  • Started: 5 months ago on Sun 25th Dec 2022

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Eisbär started this discussion 5 months ago.

Spots for First ascents in europe?

Hey Guys,

Im planning to go on vacation for two weeks next summer and I was wondering if there are any places in europe with really good Boulder-First-ascent Potential?

Thanks for the help

replied 5 months ago.

Fontainebleau, 70km SE of Paris is the place. Still has potential for unclimbed problems.

Joyau replied 5 months ago.

All of Bretagne Coast, especially in Finistere.

replied 5 months ago.

Tinos. About 500K not even categorized boulders on the island. Have fun.

Quentin HANRY replied 5 months ago.

Bretagne Coast is full of project and unclimb problems !

Nick Foulds replied 5 months ago.

The Highlands of Scotland. If you're up for a walk or two 👍🏼

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