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  • Started: 9 weeks ago on Sat 21st Jan 2023

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Paul Renwick logged a warning 9 weeks ago. Active

Flora and Fauna Bees

Large bee nest in the crack 2m to the right of the lower off.

replied 9 weeks ago.

More likely wasps.

Paul Renwick replied 9 weeks ago.

100% sure they are bees.

replied 9 weeks ago.

Huh that's unusual. Generally it's paper wasps.

Paul Renwick replied 9 weeks ago.

Yeah agreed. Quite a sizeable nest too so will have been there a while. Don't think there is any way of getting it out unfortunately, and I understand wild nests should be destroyed to stop the spread of mites...

replied 9 weeks ago.

I have some beekeeper connections, will ask.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Definitely bees. Quite an active hive, very exposed. It might get cooked if summer finally happens.

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