Discussion: Is Crocodile Head (Point Perp) open for climbers?

  • Started: 6 weeks ago on Sun 5th Feb 2023

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Is Crocodile Head (Point Perp) open for climbers?

Went to Point Perp yesterday and was keen to explore Crocodile Head for the first time but gate on main road had loads of signs saying that "trespassers will be prosecuted". Couldn't find anywhere information about it being open or closed so wondering if climbers were allowed to ignore the sign and walk up the road to the start of the track (of course keeping off the left hand area which is permanently closed). Any info appreciated. Cheers

Paul replied 6 weeks ago.

I think that is the can walk on the road without accessing the other areas...but to confirm just call the security office at:

(02) 4448 3411

Heath Black replied 6 weeks ago.

ACANSW rep rang the rangers yesterday about this and they confirmed its ok to walk to Crocodile Head

replied 6 weeks ago.

awesome!! thanks so much

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