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There are multiple reasons for exporting your ascents from First and foremost to create a backup copy of your data in a neutral format and then of course to transfer your ascent data to a different service such as theCrag. has a history of making undocumented changes to their data model and export functions but here we try to offer you a current and functioning tool to get YOUR data out of If you find it not working at one point in time, please contact support.

All you have to do is identify your account number (to do so log into with your account and click on “Routes - Logbook”, you will see a number in front of your name) and paste it into the form below.

After the latest release from end of May 2020 it is not possible to export your logbook data any more. For the moment we encourage you to write to the support team and insist on your right to receive your personal data.

Click Export Logbook and wait for the data to be displayed. Once the data are displayed, simply click on Download CSV and you may download the csv-file that you can either store for later reference or directly import on theCrag (see Import your logbook).

If you have problems with exporting your logbook from other providers like 27crags, UKC or MP then Contact Us. We might be able to help you with that process.

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