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theCrag is not only the world's largest platform for outdoor rock climbing and bouldering, it also offers fully integrated solutions for indoor climbing and bouldering and for gym management. This allows climbers to rely on the same user interface for indoor and outdoor climbing, analyse their progress across both domains and get a comprehensive overview about their climbing activities.

For gym owners and management theCrag Gym Solution comes with a fully web-based wall and route management system that allows you to save time and money while increasing your customer's experience and loyalty. On top of the professional gym management solution theCrag also offers gyms and climbing camp owners the option to use Climbing Contests & Competitions on theCrag - a fun and interactive way to create and manage climbing contests.

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theCrag Gym Solution allows for comprehensive gym, wall and route management. You can set up walls and routes, print barcoded labels, check the distribution of routes by difficulty or any other criteria, track who is climbing which routes, what people like and dislike and find out when it is time to change routes.

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After the initial setup of your gym and walls on theCrag platform, each route setter can directly record new or existing routes in theCrag Gym Solution and print barcoded route and / or wall labels to be fixed on the wall.

Climbers can record (tick) their ascents using a mobile device by simply scanning the barcode or selecting the climbed route manually and entering their ascent style (e.g. red point, on-sight). Gym management can follow all climbing activity in real-time, see which routes are favourites, which ones should be removed and what climbers discuss and comment in the 'Gym Stream'.

On top of that, theCrag Contests allows you to run climbing contests with live leaderboards for any period of time and scoring according to various criteria. The scoring can be based on distance climbed, climbing volume, difficulty using theCrag's Climber Performance Rating (CPR), or some other fun criteria like 'hangman' where users have to unlock a phrase by climbing certain routes. All contest options can be used for individual climbers or teams and the reporting can be done by the climbers themselves or by gym administrators.

This is the perfect way to engage better with your customers and motivate climbers to come in on low volume days and on a more regular basis.

Climbers can rely on the same sophisticated statistical evaluations of their climbing performance already available for their outdoor climbing, including dedicated graphs for indoor bouldering and climbing CPR, offering a perfect tool for the tracking of your performance training. And of course they can also use the well established messaging, forum and stream service to communicate with other climbers or receive notifications about new routes or anything else you want to promote for your gym.

Example of Gym Boulder CPR

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theCrag Gym Solution makes life easier for everyone involved: gym managers, route setters and climbers. theCrag Gym Solution offers you:

  • a well established platform with more than 100000 users
  • multi language support for users and gyms
  • one platform for indoor and outdoor climbing
  • direct feedback by your customers for route setters and gym managers
  • a platform for contests with live leaderboards
  • a web-based solution without dedicated IT-infrastructure
  • a wealth of analytical tools for climbers and gym managers
  • social interaction with your customers
  • marketing presence on the world's largest and most innovative climbing platform

and thus higher customer loyalty, more revenue and more fun!

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theCrag Gym Solution is based on the well established and world's largest rock climbing and bouldering platform and allows you to run your gym without any investment in IT infrastructure using a web-browser as user interface. The only thing required is a computer with internet access, a printer for route labels and an account on Ensure that your gym is present on the world's largest and most innovative climbing platform and manage it from anywhere. Look at our checklist, Contact Us and make your gym a modern gym!

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