You might have plenty of reasons to create lists of routes. Be it to keep and work off a list of target routes to achieve a specific goal, to create a list of the “best” routes of an area, to create a wishlist for your next climbing trip or simply to organise routes in a different way and view.

theCrag allows you to do all that. Simply create as many private or public lists of routes as you see fit and use them to better structure your plans and goals.

Creating a new listBack to contents

You may create new lists from different places. The most common is probably to select one or multiple routes from an area page and click on the arrow on the button right of any route selected. Click on “Add item(s) to list” to open the “Add to list” menu.

Add to list

Alternatively you may initiate the same process from a route page by clicking on the 3 dots next to “Edit Route” or from a results list from an advanced search by clicking on the arrow next to a route.

Once you see the “Add to list” menu choose the radio button “To new list” to create a new list. Simply enter the name, select if it is private or public and select the area you want to attach it to. Click on “Add to list” to create the list with the items selected.

Attaching lists to an area currently only serves your own organisational purposes. We suggest choosing the smallest common denominator for geographically organised lists, e.g. Europe (as opposed to World) for your wishlist of climbs in the alps as future functionality might make use of it.

Routes added to a list show a black dot next to them. Clicking on the dot opens the respective list (or the first list in case the route is part of multiple lists).

Adding items to an existing listBack to contents

Simply add routes to an existing list by following the same process as described above under Creating a new list but choose the radio button “To existing list” and the list you want to add it to from the drop down menu below.

To existing list

Private and public listsBack to contents

You may create private or public lists. Private lists are only visible to you whereas public lists can be viewed by everyone.

Managing your listsBack to contents

Access your lists from your profile page by clicking on “Lists”. Click on a list name to enter and edit the list. Click on “Edit list” to add a description to your list or change any of the settings for it.

The status bar on top of the list shows your climbing progress against the listed routes (how many of them you already ticked).

You may directly log ascents from lists, remove items from the list or add individual comments for each item on the list using the button on the right of each route. Comments on list items (routes) are specific to the list and not general comments for the route.

Archiving listsBack to contents

Archive a list by clicking on “Archive List” once you have entered the list. Archiving a list removes the list from your list of lists.

To unarchive a list click on the “Unarchive List” button. To find and access your archived lists, choose “Is archived” from the List Filters and click on “Apply filters”.

List Search

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