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There are plenty of reasons to record your ascents and keep a climbing logbook, you may read about them in the Ticking and logbook article. theCrag offers multiple options to record your ascents, most of them pretty intuitive. theCrag not only allows you to record your successful ascents but also record multiple attempts of the same route, so you can track your training and progress towards your goals. Last but not least, there are some subtleties regarding the ascent recording for multi-pitch routes. All of that is explained in this short article and video.

Logging a single ascentBack to contents

From the area page, click on the Check Mark in front of the route name. This directly opens the Log Ascent page. Alternatively you might log an ascent from the route page by clicking on the Log Ascent button on the top right.

  • Select your Quality Rating for the route, set the ascent date (default is today) and enter your partners by selecting from the list (if they are a theCrag user) or enter the name(s).
  • Enter an ascent comment and select the ascent type from the dropdown list.
  • If for some reason you think your ascent was harder or easier than the assigned route grade, you can record your own ascent grade (this will not modify the assigned route grade). The lowest of both Ascent and Route grade will be used to calculate your CPR of this ascent. This can be useful if you went off-route, chose to exclude specific holds, or used more or less Aid than indicated by the assigned route grade.
  • If you want to record multiple attempts for the same route, just click Add Shot. Typically you just need to enter a comment and tick type for each additional attempt but you may also change the partner. Each shot is recorded as a separate ascent in your logbook.
  • Hit Save Ticks and you are done.

If you want to add a personal grade contribution, you can only do so by clicking on Edit Route and entering a grade contribution.

If your contribution has a lower Aid component than the current assigned route grade, you should update the grade - please read the help about Aid Eliminates. If you are the first to free climb an aid route… Congratulations! Please update the route history! You might also want to edit the route itself to change its gear style from Aid to Trad or Sport, and if applicable remove the Project flag.

Logging multiple ascentsBack to contents

  • From the area page, select all routes you want to tick by either marking them using the checkbox in front or by simply clicking anywhere in the line for the respective route.
  • Click either on the button below the route list (Log X ascents) or click on the Check Mark of any of the selected routes to open the Log Ascent page. Alternatively you may also click on the dropdown of the button right of each route and select 'Log X Ascents' from there.

Selecting multiple routes

  • You may now select defaults for all ascents, e.g. the date, tick type and your partners. You may change the defaults for each individual line below.
  • Fill in information for the individual ascents as described above for single ascents and click Save Ticks, you are done.

Logging multi-pitch ascentsBack to contents

Multi-pitch ascents may be recorded in the same way as single-pitch ascents. However, theCrag allows you to record individual pitch information or even the recording of linkups (the combination of pitches from multiple routes).

  • Navigate to the Log Ascent page of the respective multi-pitch route. You will see a Pitch Info field with a checkbox (log pitch fields). Select this checkbox if you want to record pitch info, a list of all pitches for this route opens automatically.
  • Select the Tick Type for each pitch and record who led it.
  • If you did not climb all pitches you might remove them by clicking on the 'Minus' button on the right of each pitch you want to remove.
  • If you linked multiple pitches you might remove the linked one(s), and adjust height and grade accordingly.
  • In order to record a linkup, just click on the Linkup button and enter the name of the route you linked into. The ascent name will be modified by adding this name.
  • You may also add additional pitches in case it is deemed necessary. We prefer that you update the route if pitches are missing.
  • If you just climbed e.g. pitch 2 of a route, remove all but the first pitch by clicking on the 'Minus' button and change the pitch number in the pitch column dropdown to 2 for this example.

Editing or Deleting AscentsBack to contents

You can edit your own ascents after having recorded them, currently only one at a time.

  • Navigate to the ascent via your logbook, your stream, the search form, or straight from the route page via the ascent counter link.
  • Once the specific ascent is located, use the side Menu “Edit this ascent”. This will open for editing all the fields available when logging the ascent initially.
  • Once the necessary fields are modified, click “Save”, you are done.
  • On the same edit page is the “Delete this ascent” button. The deletion will require you to confirm again, so you don’t lose data by inadvertance.

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