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Showing all 46 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Kujalleq Tiningnertok
Metrophobia Alpine 1700m
Kujalleq Cape Farewell
5.11 Corned beef

on Shepton Spire

FFA: 2010

Trad 450m
5.11 Condensed milk

on Shepton Spire

FFA: 2010

Trad 450m
5.10 Never again

on Angnikitsoq

FFA: 2010

Trad 500m
5.11+ Chloe

offwidth Angegoq Tower on Quvernit Island

FFA: 2010

Trad 550m
5.11+ The Chinese Gibe

Angegoq Tower on Quvernit Island

FA: 2010

Trad 550m
Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ketilfjeld
{UIAA} A3 Via Catalan Alpine
Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Nalumasortoq
{UIAA} A1 stupid white man Alpine
{UIAA} YDS:5.11b Non c'è due senza tre Alpine
{UIAA} A3 Gold Fever Alpine
{FR} 7b+ A2 La Cura

A 525-meter big wall that ascends the virgin south face of Nalu, one of the peaks that tower high above the Tasermiut Fjord, along with Ula and Ketil

FA: Federica Mingolla & Edoardo Saccaro, Aug 2019

Alpine 530m
Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ulamertorsuaq
Artif Route Piteraq Alpine
A3 Piteraq Alpine
A4 Quadrophenia Alpine
A4 Jacques Cousteau Aid
A4+ L'Inespérée Alpine
5.13a South Tyrol Route Alpine
5.12d Moby Dick

FA: Ben Masterson, Didi Langen, Hans Martin Götz, Walter Obergolser, Helmut Gargitter, Kurt Albert † & Stefan Glowacz, 1994

Alpine 1200m
5.12c War and Poetry Alpine
5.10d Magic Tromblon Alpine
{FR} 7c+/8a Quajanaq

Vinicius Todero reports on

FFA: Vinicius Todero & Marcos Costa, Aug 2018

Alpine 1000m, 28
Kujalleq Tasermiut Fjord Ketil-Pyramide
5.10a A3 Lost Friends

FA: Thomas Tivadar, 2004

Aid 430m, 10
5.8 Blod på Tann

Described as a scrappy route near the town of Igdlúnguaq

FA: Charlie Long, Rune Harjo Jensen & Andreas Widlund, 2019

Trad 450m
Sermersooq Ren Land Grundtvigskirken
{FR} 7a+ Eventyr Trad 1300m, 40
German Route

FA: Stefan Glowacz, Philipp Hans, Markus Dorfleitner, Christian Schlesener & Moritz Attenberger, 13 Aug 2019

Sermersooq Rignys Bjerg
{UIAA} WI3 Snow Falcon Ice
Sermersooq Pyramiden
5.10c Swiss route Trad
Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago
5.12- Brown Balls wall

On a dramatic face halfway between Upernavik and Sortehul

FA: Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto, Nico Favresse & Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, 2010

Trad 400m
5.12+ FR:6c UK:E7 Impossible Wall and the Devil's brew

FFA: Olivier Favresse, Nico Favresse, Ben Ditto & Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, 2010

Trad 850m, 19
Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago Qaarsorsuaq Island Sandersons Hope
5.11+ Sea Barge Circus

FA: ronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Jaron Pham, Zack Goldberg-Poch, Kelsey Watts & Angela Vanwiemeersch, Aug 2022

Trad 900m
Qaasuitsup Upernavik Archipelago Qaarsorsuaq Island Central-southern Cape Apparsuit at Akornat Strait
5.12a Red Chili Crackers

Red wall

FFA: Olivier Favresse & Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, 2010

Trad 350m
5.11 Seagull's garden

FFA: Nico Favresse & Ben Ditto, 2010

Mixed trad 400m, 1
5.11d Flight of the Dodo

FA: Steve Bradshaw & Clinton Martinengo, 2011

Trad 400m
5.10d C1 Don't be Gull-able

FA: David Glass & Andrew Porter, 2011

Aid 300m
{FR} 7a Little Auk

FA: Argentero, Maggioni & Villa, 2012

Trad 450m
5.11 A2 Time is a Construct

FA: Bronwyn Hodgins, Kelsey Watts & Angela Vanwiemeersch

Aid 400m
Qaasuitsup Torssukatak Fjord
5.11a Å dæven!

A sustained lower wall into an alpine ridge. A description of this climb is available from the AAC:

FA: Rune Harjo Jensen, Andreas Widlund & Charlie Long, 2019

Trad 1000m
5.11 C1 Ægir

Established in a single push on Peak 1303. A description written by Charlie Long, can be found on the AAC here: A description of this climb is available from the AAC:

FA: Charlie Long, Rune Harjo Jensen & Andreas Widlund, 2019

Trad 600m
Qaasuitsup Oqaatsut Wall

FA: Marcin Tomaszewski & Paweł Hałdaś, 24 Feb

Aid 700m
Tasiilaq Area
FR:4c Ballad of easy Greenland - Qaaqartavik Trad 200m, 6
FR:5c Un fusil de trop - Unamed place Trad 150m, 5
FR:5c Pilier Suisoq - Aamangaaq Trad 250m, 6
FR:5b Arête des Dômes - Summit 588 Trad 250m, 6
FR:5a La frustration de Marrie Poppins - Summit 588 Trad 150m, 3
FR:5c Asavakkit - Honeymoon Wall Trad 140m, 4

Showing all 46 routes.

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