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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
5.9 追梦者

Set: 大山

FFA: 祥子

Sport 慈利渔泉溪
6b Ride the Snake

2 bolts, 7 threads. Starts from anchor of Stirfried Water.

FA: Magnus Wiklund

Sport 26m Koh Phi Phi
5.11a Another Dream of Road Sport 10m Daedap-bawi
6b Dragging Anchor Sport 12m, 5 Hong Kong Island
5.10b 초선


Sport 16m 거인암장
5.13 鼓山#14

Set: 小魔怪

Sport 27m 柳州 Liuzhou
5.10c 大岩壁5
1 5.9
2 5.10c

Bolts: 7,7

Set: 军刀

FFA: 西结

Sport 33m, 2, 7 登封
6a Mai Mee Panhaa Sport 15m Koh Phi Phi
5.10a A2O

1p (5.10a|30m) 2p (5.9|40m) 3p (5.2|20m) 4p (5.6|20m) 5p (5.8|25m) 6p (5.9|28m) 7p (5.10a|20m)

Unknown 180m, 7 Seorak-san
5.11c 云顶红

Set: 大万

FFA: Steven

Sport 20m, 7 厦门云顶山
5.10c 五星红旗
Sport 26m, 13 白河 Baihe
6c Phi Phi Trip Sport 18m Koh Phi Phi
5.9 Lightning Route

1p (5.9|33m) 2p (|25m) 3p (A0|25m) 4p (|40m)

Unknown 120m, 4 Seorak-san
5.10b Mazo Okesa

The left-hand arete of the upper ledge. Start on the arete and move onto the face and up to top. Thin and edgy, two-star route in guidebook. Descent Options:

Sport 8m, 3 Maku Iwa
5.7 穿洞关3

Set: 张勇

Sport 12m, 4 贵惠穿洞关
5 Sideshow (1st pitch)

Fun route with good holds and super safely bolted. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

FA: Francis Haden

Sport 27m, 11 Crazy Horse
5.10c Hanabusaya Asiatica Sport 10m Seorak-san 2
Unknow 6
Sport 12m, 6 房山 Fangshan District
5.10+ WuPi D
Trad 20m 黎明 Liming
5.9 Ogawayama Street

Another excellent route tot eh right of Ogawayama Story. Start a bit up and right of OS and straight up. The last bolts are a bit spaced, and crux at the top...

Sport 26m, 5 Ogawayama
5.10c As It Is
Sport 14m Euiam-amjang
5.9 灰头土脸

Set: 玄鸟 & 小蚂蚁

FA: 玄鸟

Sport 15m, 6 淄博 Zi Bo
Rap Slayer
SportProject 石鼓 Shigu
5.10a 산으로가는막차길 Sport 18m, 5 불암산 학도암
5.10b 移除

第二段需使用PETZL PULSE 8mm、12mm进行攀爬

Set: KK


Unknown 10m 清远英西 YingXi
5.12a Rocky Road

The right facing groove high and right on Mara Iwa. Start as for Blues Power. Make a scary traverse left into space, then climb up and pull into the groove (crux). Climb this in a superb position, then swing left at its top and move up and left to a flake/corner. Step up then pull out right and climb direct to the top and a choice of lower-off.

Sport 25m Ogawayama
5.12d 碎片

FFA: 阿成

Set: 苏峰, 赵四 & 晓柳, 2014

Sport 25m, 13 鞍山与鹰共舞
6a The Thai Who Loved Me

FA: Josh Morris

Sport 14m, 7 Crazy Horse
5.10 A0 Giant Route

1p (5.8|35m) 2p (5.8|40m) 3p (5.10a|30m) 4p (5.7|30m)

Unknown 140m, 4 Yonghwa-san
5.12b/c 黑缝雷
Sport 28m, 13 六盘水 Liupanshui
5.11b 月亮之上

Set: 小蚂蚁 & 石秀

FA: 文献

Sport 15m, 6 淄博 Zi Bo
5.10b 红烧屁股 Red Braised Buttocks

Set: Reuben Greenbank

FA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 24m, 12 石鼓 Shigu
5.11b Namidachi Hang
Trad Jogasaki
6b 3 Brothers
Sport 24m Batu Caves
5.11b Seal Route

1p (5.10d|25m) 2p (5.11b|33m)

Sport 58m, 2 Seonin Bong
5.12a/b 独山27
Sport 26m, 12 六盘水 Liupanshui
5.10b 不爱

Set: 苏峰

FA: 赵四

Sport 16m, 9 淄博 Zi Bo
5.10a Route 4

The corner groove, right variant

Set: Armstrong 橘子

Sport 10m, 4 溪口三十六湾村 San Shi Liu Wan Cun
6c Sai Yok Yai

One of the best routes at this grade in Central Thailand.

A screamer in length with bouldery and interesting tufa climbing. So far, I have not talked to anyone who dislikes this climb yet.

No doubt will be a turtle home's classic.


While the topo states this route is in 30m in height (I think it's longer), I don't believe 60m rope will get you down given its traversing nature. Play it safe and climb it with a 70m.

Sport 30m, 20 Kanchanaburi
5.10c Calcutta
Sport 17m, 8 Jo-yama
5.10a Route 34
Sport 12m 大邑鹤鸣山 He Ming Mountain
5c Owl Face Trad 13m Batu Caves
5.13 Dragon Way 2nd Pitch Sport 20m Suraksan,Daeju-amjang
5.10b 无名

Set: 小蚂蚁

FA: 阿呆

Sport 18m, 8 淄博 Zi Bo
V5 Mr Fantastic Boulder Hong Kong Island
V3 The Big Nose Boulder Cheung Chau
V6 Climber Kaeshi Chokujou

Japanese Grade: Shodan (初段)

Boulder Mitake Boulder
6a Limestoned
Deep water solo Ha Long Bay
6a+ Rasa In' Goyangnya

Anchor changed & updated on 9th Oct 2020, from sling anchor to stainless steel chain anchor by Nabilaa Mohamed

FFA: Abdullah Dania

Sport 12m, 5 Batu Caves
5.13 Samulnori Sport 16m Sori-san, Samhyeongjae-bawi
6a+ Kanda Sport 31m, 12 Si Chompoo
5.8 元旦

Set: 小蚂蚁

FA: 小马哥

Sport 12m, 6 淄博 Zi Bo
V1 Right Arete Boulder Hong Kong Island
V5 One Punch Man Boulder Kowloon
Sport 4 Yukawa
6a+ Englishman in New York
Deep water solo Ha Long Bay
5.8 Cone-head Doctor Sport 10m 하나개암장
5.9 Kimi no tameni
Sport 8m, 4 Hyugami
5.10c FR:6b Paps D Magic Dragon

Nice climb to the left of the giant root.

FA: Jezrel Papsi Soriaso

Sport 18m, 8 Dingle
V8 Slapper Traverse Extension Boulder New Territories
5.10d Komodo Dragon
Trad Jogasaki
7b Steve Irwin Tribute
Deep water solo Ha Long Bay
5.10c Wakaihi no Lily

New route1.

Sport 18m, 10 Hyugami
5a V0 Driftwood Boulder New Territories
WI3+ 1
Ice 白河 Baihe
5.11c Endeavour
Sport 10m Tenno Iwa
5.9 Connection

1p (5.8|30m) 2p (5.9|25m)

Sport 60m, 2 Jobi-san, Jobi-am
7C+ Kani Manzoku
Boulder Nakatsugawa Boulder
4a VB 7 Boulder New Territories
5.9 清平乐

裂缝部分26米,接10m 5.7的run out到顶。裂缝结束的位置打了两个Bolts带梅陇锁。

FFA: climber小聂

FA: climber小聂

Set: climber小聂

Trad 36m 白河 Baihe
5.8 Face|Corner2
Top rope Taipei
V0 Kante Hidari

Japanese Grade: 8Kyuu (8級) Name translates as: Left Arete

Boulder Ogawayama
6b+ I am Newton
Deep water solo Ha Long Bay
7a+ First Fighter Sport Kowloon
5.10b Foundation Sport 15m, 9 Namhansansung, Beomgul-am

On top of the small tree. Do no climb.

Sport 清远英西 YingXi
V6 King of the Swingers


Boulder New Territories
V3 V3


Boulder 镇江
5.7 Arete 8
Top rope Taipei
6b Devil's hand

A Dairy Farm classic comprising technical face climbing.

Set: Chiew Sien Chew, K.F. Tham & Benny Kuan

FA: Chiew Sien Chew, 2001

Sport 25m, 8 Dairy Farm
6a Scone
Deep water solo Ha Long Bay
{UK} S Tree route. Trad 22m Kowloon
5.12a Fight Sport 15m Morak-san, Mirae-am
V4 Underworld


Boulder New Territories
V1 Terrace Boulder Hong Kong Island

Set: 小昭

Trad 8m 白河 Baihe
5.3 Face 26
Top rope Taipei
{US} FR:6a+ Chicken Mama

Set: Andy Su

FA: You Rui, 2009

Sport 6m, 2 Dairy Farm
5.10c Little Devil Sport 15m, 3 Suri-san, Mae-bawi
HVS 5a Black Coffee / Aardclimb
1 HVS 5a
2 5a
3 4a
4 4a
Trad 4 Lamma Island
4c V0 Stemming the Flow Boulder Hong Kong Island
V3 5A1
Boulder 宝石山 Precious Stone Hill
6b Power Outage

A must-do with interest "tufa moves" near the top.

Sport 30m Chiang Dao
5.12b Chakkari Don-hei
Sport Ogawayama
5.8 木星

Set: Peak & 諵譁

FFA: 周鹏

Trad 12m 房山 Fangshan District
{UK} VS 5b Dickory Trad 23m Hong Kong Island
5.10a Legend Of Yeongbo Sport 15m Samseong-san, Sumeun-am
5.12a 下午地狱 Afternoon in Hell
Sport 9 石鼓 Shigu
V0 Palm Mantle Boulder Hong Kong Island
V5 15Z1
Boulder 宝石山 Precious Stone Hill

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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