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Grade Route Gear style Quality Climber
Wed 12th Dec 2018 - Beechworth Area
Beechworth Gorge H
V7 Caddis

Thought my abs might explode... and came away with mean gravel rash from several attempts at using my rib cage as a third hand. In the end just pulled really damn hard. Nice but sharp, gravelly and wierd. Just my kind of kick.

Boulder Good
Mark Rewi
Sun 23rd Mar 2014 - Beechworth Area
Beechworth Gorge H
V5 V7 Caddis

Tricky little thing, but I feel V7 is a bit high. I think it's closer to V5, but then again I'm quite short and fit it pretty well. After ticking this, I then proceeded to add an extended start (begin on small slopey holds, along with high right heel hook, 1 Metre to the right of the huge starting jug) which I called THE CADDIS CONNECTION (V6)

Boulder Very Good
Ben Mace

Showing all 2 ascents.

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