Primarily short steep single pitch sandstone climbing. A lot of the information here is from Lee Cujes qurank guide.

Useful Info: Camping at Glastonbury creek is $6.55/night as of 04/12/18, previously there was a 'pay and display' however this is NO LONGER AVAILABLE and you should book online through the terrible QNPWS online booking system at Gympie has food/alcohol/basic camping supplies but no climbing stores.

First Nations Information

The First Nations people from this area are Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi.

Brooyar rock shelter holds cultural value to First Nations people as a seasonal hunting location. Significant cultural features are archaeological sites which included stone artefacts, charcoal and bone fragments.

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Brooyar is around 20 minutes northwest of Gympie, which is a regional city around 2.5 hours north of Brisbane. The most straightforward access is to take the main highway north from town, take the well signposted turn-off for the Wide Bay Highway (the next town is Kilkivan) then after about 2.85km turn left onto Petersen Road.

Petersen Road turns to dirt after about 1.6km and then begins a meandering path to the crags and camp site. Follow the main road and you should get there fine, the best map of the region shows that the side roads lead to an area labelled 'here be dragons'.

After (very) roughly 2km, you'll come to crest with another well traveled road turn to the right and continuing uphill, follow this to the crags or alternatively going straight ahead takes you towards the wonderful Glastonbury Creek camping area.

If you go straight ahead to the camp ground after about another 1km you'll come to a roughly triangular intersection, turn left for the camp site, straight ahead is an alternative route back to Gympie if you know the way.

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