Mount Mar Cliffs

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Seen from highway, series of cliffs overlooking Hartleys Creek and Wangetti Beach

Access issues inherited from Captain Cook Highway

Most crags are within public land boundaries, though some do come close to private land, respect this and stay outside private property borders and do your best to avoid upsetting landowners.


Likely from the Quaids Road and a long hike.

Ethic inherited from Captain Cook Highway

Clean up wherever you go, take your rubbish, or any you find out with you. Brush chalk. So many of these areas are absolutely pristine and we should all make an effort to keep it that way.

Clean and brush but don't destroy vegetation. Avoid steel wire brushes if possible, a good majority of the rock in Cairns will disintegrate using one of these.

Tick marks - ok but brush them off when you leave.

Please don't chip holds and do minimise contrived routes.

GEOTAGGING - PLEASE GEOTAG! For any route you create, or know is hard to find add in the Lat and Long in the route details so it shows on the map. Finding routes in the rainforest fo example is hard.

Minimise route beta in descriptions to ease onsight attempts.


This crag doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

If you are familiar with Mount Mar Cliffs please take the time to add what you know. Thanks!

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We really need somebody who knows this crag to tell us what sectors, cliffs, boulders and routes that are in this crag- just the names and grades at this stage. You may use our web interface or throw it into an excel spreadsheet and send it to us. You will be attributed and earn lots of Karma points. If you are a publisher then we can use your copyright.

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