Diamond Bay Southside





The south side of the gully including the prominent red wall, the grey walls right of the ladder, and a steeper area around to the left (east) which is easily walked around to from the red wall.

Features all climbs at the west end of the gully between the northern and southern wall

Access issues inherited from Diamond Bay

(December 2019) Access to this area is in jeopardy! Following a letter from ACANSW to Waverley Council it would appear that climbing is not prohibited and that council rangers are respecting climbers (and slackliners) who are behaving responsibly but will intervene if they believe that non-climber members of the public are putting themselves at risk (i.e. crossing the fence line to take photos or selfies).

Until such time as ACANSW receives clarification from Council, if you do choose to climb here please ensure you do not linger at the cliff top and wear a helmet to distinguish yourself from the general public.

If you are approached by Council Rangers (who are pretty accommodating) please follow their instructions and report any interactions to Sydney Climbers Facebook group and ACANSW.

Police attend more than 50 suicides a year along this coastline. Don't create a false alarm.


The descent ladders reach the base of the cliff here. To the right (facing the cliff) is a series of blocky aretes and corners.

Ethic inherited from Diamond Bay

A number of climbs feature chipped holds, as well as glued holds.


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6m left of Wag's Effort, below jug on lip.

A major thrash through 4 roofs and a mid-life crisis. Muscle up and leftward past bird crap, glued on holds and 9 RBs.

FA: Mikl Law, 1988

Start below the corner at the right hand end of the big cave. Up the bird shit encrusted corner and skirt right around the roof to an old rap station.

FA: Dave Wagland, 1985

2m right of Wag's Effort.

Swarm up arete, balancy over roof with unique suction move, then up wall past a thin crux. 6 RBs to double RB lower off.

FA: Mikl Law, 1990

Start up easy wall left of corner through 3 RBs to ledge. Then up chossy, sandy, arete. Clip high Ubolt with lockiong biner to keep you off the ledge. 2 RBs through the honeycomb to a double RB lower. Take a hold home as a souvenir. At the rate the holds break off no 2 ascents will never be the same!

FA: Ness, 2002

Up easy corner (right of 'Honeycomb Arete') and sustained through the crack corner above ledge at half height.

FA: Warwick Baird, 1980

Two meters right of 'Iron Lady' Strenuous start, then straight up through 6 RBs. Awkward layaway to to double RB belay.

Nice climbing with one sandy move. Use U bolts. Warning: The last bolt before the anchors is loose.

FA: Dave Wagland, 1980

Marked and 1m right of 'Redneck Brother'. Reachy start past first 2 RBs, then interesting moves through pocketed area, past 2 more RBs then straight up to final RB and to lower off. Triple BB anchors above for top roping.

FA: mike law, 1996

Crag classic. Marked, 1m right of 'Mompox' "Perfectly" chipped holds leading up to left of the grassy pocket, past 4 BRs, then left of the seam through the crux, passing final BR to lower off. Double BB anchor for top roping. Seeps for a week after heavy rain.

FA: Mikl Myers, 1990

2m right of 'Gloucester Buckets' Almost always found seeping and wet. Follow the streak

FA: Mike Law, 1980

Start in the middle of wild cactus. Straight up past manky BR's

FA: Geoff Weigand, 1980

Around to the left of descent ladder. Two very rusted bolts visible. No other pro.

Below the arete 3m left of LP. A variety of interesting and tricky starts, then easily up the twin seams. Recommended to lower off from the first ledge. Only known to have been top roped, but it might be leadable on gear.

The obvious short corner and roof about 10m right of the ladder.

Small wires up the corner and through the roof (a #3 camalot is useful). Up past large ledge to DUB lower offs.

FA: Mikl Law, 1972

The following five routes are all on the north facing black wall that disappears into the chasm. The wall can be quite greasy and the base can be flooded after prolonged rain.

Funky and desperate. 3m right of LP, at the undercut arete. Delicate moves up the arete (2 RBs), then finish up the corner above. 2 RBs anchor. (Solo on F/A, then retrobolted)

FA: Mikl Law, 1985

0.5m right of SM.

Bouldery moves up the blank wall then left to SM (RB), or continue up right (no pro). No protection down low. (Solo on F/A)

FA: Mikl Law, 1985

1m right of K.

Boulder past BR to ledge, then up as you will. (solo on F/A)

FA: Mikl Law, 1985

0.5m right of SP, below thin crack.

Great climbing up the crack (wires, manky PR, BR) and wall to the chossy break (BR). Continue up the pleasant grey wall above (large BR - some bolt brackets don't fit) to the chossy break just below the top. Natural belay (take slings). Would be worth 2 stars if it had a little less choss!

FA: Mikl Law, 1979

Marked. 3m right of T at the blocky corner perched above the filthy pond. Don't know where it goes exactly! Straight up looks unprotected and reasonably difficult. Following the ramp to the right up the gully then up the upper corner looks unpleasant.

Opposite T.

A line of chips that finishes at the first choss break. No pro.


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