Crown Buttress




This is the buttress immediately S of Goog Gap and features Evans Crown itself, the highest point in the area. Climbs are described here from L-R.

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Access issues inherited from Evans Crown Tarana

Evans Crown Tarana is a Nature Reserve administered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. As a Nature Reserve (and unlike National Parks) the primary purpose of the administration is preservation of natural and cultural values, NOT recreation. While rock climbing is noted as a recreational use in the 2009 Plan of Management (this can be downloaded from it is not officially encouraged, and if the OEH believe the impact of climbing is detrimental to the natural or cultural values of the area, it can and will be banned.

The Parks and Wildlife Service requested at one stage that all climbers register their intention with them prior to climbing – this no longer seems to be the case. However, there is an existing ban on new routes, brushing or cleaning existing or new routes, no “gardening” or disturbing vegetation, no marking routes, and no camping or fires in the Reserve. No new bolts may be placed, and technically re-bolting is also forbidden.

So – in addition to the usual “Leave no Trace” guidance, please make every effort to minimise any signs of climbing activity in order to preserve our precarious access to this special place.


South of Goog Gap - the flat gully separating Googolplex and 'Crown Buttress'.

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Ethic inherited from Evans Crown Tarana

Given the restrictions on new routes, brushing and bolting, new route activity is limited to trad climbing, and the easy lines (and the hard ones!) have long ago been developed, for the most part. The casual visitor is probably advised to stick to the established climbs, there are plenty to go around. Many climbs in this guide are listed as "Sport" in that they are bolted climbs with no natural gear required (or available) - many of these are truly "sporting" with old-school runouts. Some of the "Trad" climbs have little or no protection, and were soloed on FA. Please be careful - top roping is often possible and often the only way to adequately protect a route.


Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Start: Left arete of 'Shagrat', reached by a horizontal crack which leads out of Shagrat about 8m up. As for S then crack to arete and up, getting protection where you can.

FA: M.Law & A.Penney, 1977

Quite a pleasant outing. Up the left gully on the main part of the east face of Crown Buttress. FA solo

FA: J.Friend (solo), 1973

Start: 3m left of Barry Dur. Up past 4BR to chain on Barry Dur.

FA: J.Fletcher & F.Lumsden, 1988

Start: 2m left of 'Barad Dur'. Climb arete past 3BR to join Barad Dur at lip of roof. Left to chain.

FA: M.Law & J.Fletcher, 1988

Originally done with a couple of points of aid. Joe Friend freed this in 1975 and added the last pitch.

Start: In the L side of Gorbag's 'Gully'. Cracks to roof, swing left through roof and up to belay. 2 & 3). Cracks, seam and slab to large ledge. 4). Up overhanging crack in the little headwall.

FFA: J.Friend

FA: (FA:R.Douglas & D.Tanner), 1973

The right gully. Start about 10m up and right from 'Shagrat'. Up gully / chimney. FA solo

FA: J.Friend, 1973

Not very nice. Start: 5 or 6m down left of SoH. Climb buttress past 5 BR then when 5m above last BR, traverse right into SoH.

FA: M.Law, 1988

Much of the offwidth can be avoided by traversing in from the right. Some good face climbing when you get there. Start: 'Diagonal' Off width on left wall of 'Walloper'. Stick clip, up offwidth past another BR, traverse left and up to 3rd BR, then up dyke past 2BR to chain belay.

FA: M.Colyvan & P.Bayne, 1988

Start: As for SoH. Takes the diagonal off width all the way. Stick clip first BR, climb off width past 2nd BR of SoH, and continue up off-width & chimney

FA: M.Colyvan & G.Moore, 1988

Start: Marked. Big ugly chimney in an obvious square cut gully down and left from Goog Gap. Up in whatever manner you see fit.

FA: J.Friend, 1976

Start: Use cairn to climb left side of the rib 5m right of SoH. BB and bush to L.

FA: A.Penney, 1990

Up short wall, then follow the blunt arete.

Start: Left of 'Cirdan'.

FA: M.Myers, M.Ellims & D.Haines, 1988

Used to be marked. Delicate slab and mantle to groove, then follow this upwards.

Start: Below damp green groove that appears about 6m above the ground, 8m left of 'Dyke'. No visible bolts, and sketchy pro at best

FA: Wilson & Hatherly, 1974

Start in small gully. Low angled flake left of 'Y?' to BB.

6 SS FH probably should be removed.

The prominent Dyke running up the arete of the spur forming the left wall of Goog Gully. Thin moves to gain the dyke, then easier up dyke to rap station on top

Described in BM guide of 1999 as "? 16- 2m R of Dyke. 2FH & Stud (needs wire) to BB" Now with 4 FH and a 5th just above the seam & bulge.

Excellent delicate slabbing on clean rock. Too good to be left unnamed, so have called it Psyke for fun, if anyone ever gave it a name please update.

FA: Unknown

Walking access to anchors on top of Dyke and "Hotel du Lac" including short length of unnecessary fixed rope.

FA: Unknown

Up blunt arete 2m right of Goog Gully

An interesting groove with an infuriating overhang. Andrew Penney returned to eliminate the single point of aid.

Start: 10m right of Goog 'Gully'. The left groove of 2. Up short slab past BR into crack. Easily up crack, groove to bulge. Hard move past BR to gain groove. Up groove and easy slab past 2BR to BB.

FA: A.Penney, 1990

Interesting climb up pleasant groove.

Start: Up right groove (of 2 grooves) 2m right of 'Hotel du Lac', then pull into groove proper. 4BRs, then small wires to protect upper section. BB.

FA: A.Jones & S.Johnstone, 1989

Start: 4m right of 'Jagusch Putsch', left of 1st BR. Up to dyke & ledge, over bulge, and up easy ground.

FA: D.Haines & S.Thompson, 1988

Start: 4m left of Celeborn. Up slab past BR to join UtNoL. Clip BR on UtNoL, cross, and follow short, low angled groove/ramp to where it steepens and fades. A few dubious wires are possible at this stage. Clip a high BR and let the fun begin! Blunder up past 2BR keeping left of cleaned area to a small ledge & rap station.

FA: A.Penney & A.Jones, 1990

Start: As for Celeborn. Left to dyke, follow water smear over bulge. Left up wall to ledge at 3rd bolt. Then left to finish on BMDiL.

FA: M.Myers & S.Hutley, 1988

Start: About 20m down R from Goog Gap. Committing slab and groove to crack at 20m. FA solo

FA: J.Friend, 1976

Good clean fun.

Start: 1m right of Celeborn. Up slab and overlap past 4BR to rap station on small ledge.

FA: A.Penney & A.Jones, 1990

Up slab and overlap past some rusty carrots. 2nd BR is very high.

Start: 1m right of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'.

Start: 5m right of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' and 2m left of Optem Bop.

Up past 3 fixed hangers and a carrot to rap station or lower offs at 15m. Crux passing 1st BR

FA: A.Penney & A.Jones, 1990

Start: 10m right of Celeborn. Middle of face over bulge (undercling hold) by BR, up slab to join NoR. Rap from chains.

FA: M.Ellims & M.Myers, 1988

Start: A few metres right of Optem Bop - interesting crux start followed by easy ramble.

Up past 3 fixed hangers to rap station or to lower-offs at 15m.

FA: A.Penney & A.Jones, 1990

Start: 6m right of OB. Up short slab to crack (cams) and pockets tending left. Slab to belay as for OB.

FA: M.Ellims, 1988

Start: 6m right of NoR.

  1. Arching crack, over bulge at end to ledge and L around bush.

  2. From back of ledge, short wall to giant flake crack - up. Belay as for OB. 2 pitches, can be done as 1 long pitch (recommended)

FA: M.Ellims & V.Talon, 1988

Walk west and down past "Blame it on Sarah", then back up to the roof-capped wall.

Start: West side of the Crown Buttress.

Right to left diagonal across roof-capped wall. Then traverse.

FA: J.Friend, 1977

Start: 4m right of of DL.

Steep hand crack angle that eases angle and increases width almost to off-width at roof. Tenuous at first then better. Belay here from chain around block, or traverse right into Lemuria's top chimney.

FA: M.Law, 1977

"Up to obvious big, coloured off width roof right of LGC, then squeeze up chimney."

Are we to believe that Joe Friend lead what looks like an unprotectable 4m horizontal off-width roof crack in 1973, or is there another hidden chimney up there?

FA: J.Friend & W.Wilson, 1973

Start: Up the inset corner at the back of the west facing gully 20m right of Lemuria, at the smaller end of the crag.

FA: J.Friend & W.Wilson, 1973

Start: A few metres right from E. 'Layback' to L-hand roof.

FA: J.Friend & W.Wilson, 1973

The following three routes are directly above 'Dyke' on a north facing wall with a large block on top of it. Access up Goog Gully then skirt around left until you reach the wall, or from top of Dyke.

2FH to chain.

Start: At tree 2m left of 'Small Pox Wall'

The middle route of the three on the wall. Up wall past 2 BR to horizontal break (cams), step over overlap and up to BB.

FA: P.Bayne & M.Colyvan, 1988

3 FH to break, FH and up to DBB.

Start: 1m right of 'Small Pox Wall'

Routes to the summit

The original line to the summit.

Start: On the South of Evans Crown. Chimney between the Crown and boulder, step across gap and pull up onto ledge. Crack to summit.

FA: D.Tanner, 1971

Start: Opposite side of Crown from Tanner's Leap. Hand-traverse break, then pull up to juggy chimney/offwidth.

FA: J.Friend, 1976

Start: Up at Right end of short juggy boulder adjacent to the Crown, S of Tanner's Leap

FA: A.Stewart, 1977

FA: Unknown

There are 3 short "SB" (Steve Babka) routes starting half-way up a longer slab facing west on the south side of Crown Buttress.

These routes are mentioned in the CragCare guide: "Harry Luxford’s guide (1998) refers to 3 climbs on a short wall “right and down about 80m from Smallpox Wall to western edge of blocks”. This wall was called ”The Kindergarten” and was intended to serve as an introductory practice area for slab climbing novices. It was definitely in use before the close of the 1990 Rock guide."

The top of these routes is a large platform around -33.54359, 149.92536 on the walk up to the Crown from which one can rap and toprope off block anchors 5m back. Do not trust the rusty carrots.

Start: Marked CP.

Wide flared V chimney-crack with chockstones. Left variant start is angled cheeese-grater offwidth. Huge block belay at top -33.543325, 149.925413.

Start: 1m R of CP, faintly marked with square possibly "S"

1.5m wide chimney with internal chockstones ending in flared overhanging crack.

Start: P1 10m right of S at ground level. P2 from same ledge as SB#2 and SB#3.

  1. (15m) Low-angled lichen slab with rusty carrots at 3 and 10m.

  2. (7m) Left of SB# ledge. Steeper slab with 2 rusty carrots.

Belay off immovable blocks 5m back with directional rusty carrot near edge (on right facing out).

FA: Steve Babka

Start: In middle of SB# ledge.

Mildly overhung start then up scoopy slab with 3 rusty carrots.

Belay off immovable blocks 5m back with directional rusty carrot near edge (on left facing out).

FA: Steve Babka

Start: On right of SB# ledge.

Desperate overhanging start then up easier slab past 2 rusty carrots.

Belay off immovable blocks 5m back with directional rusty carrot near edge (on left facing out).

FA: Steve Babka


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