The Candlestick is a dolerite sea cliff located in Fortescue Bay near Port Arthur. It is located in Tasman National Park.

Rock climbers were involved in accidents requiring rescues in February and December 2019.

Both parties experienced difficulties with the unfamiliar techniques typically used accessing and returning from the Candlestick.


1.25-1.5 hours walk from Fortesque bay carpark to Cap Huay Lookout. Well marked track and extremely easy to follow.

Once at the Cape Huay lookout, locate a track down to the left, and scramble down to the rap rings (these are at approximately the same height as the top of the totem pole). Rap 60m to ledge. Further access depending on route. 70m+ rap line required to be able to access start of routes (60m rope can be extended with some cord).

Descent notes

A) Lower traverse bolts:

Finish as for normal route by rapping from high fixed hangers at top of P3 down to U bolts on Normal Route P2 and setup tyrolean from here

B) Higher traverse bolts:

Setup some form of guided rappel from high fixed hangers at top of P3. Setting up a standard tyrolean without a rappel line has previously resulted in a serious accident at this site when the climber impacted the mainland.

Both top traverses over 30m, the fixed hanger traverse is approx 40m including rope sag.



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Grade Route

Rap off the rings as for the Totem pole, jump in and swim right to an easy ledge just behind the Totem pole.

  1. 30m Up chimney / crack

  2. 30m More chimney / crack, ending on a good ledge with 2 rings to tyrolean back to the mainland roughly level with the top of the tote.

  3. 30m through chimney past big chockstone (on descent it's easy to get your rope stuck on this), then up through looser rock into the sunshine to a rusty anchor.

  4. 20m Up sunny face veering a little left at the top to another rusty anchor then scramble to the real summit.

This is the chossiest route to the summit of the candlestick. Although it's the easiest, expect very poor rock and gear the whole way (last pitch excepted)

1 18 30m
2 17 30m
3 15 25m
4 15 20m

60m Fixed line rap off the rings as for the Totem pole, jump in and swim left not right to ledge with U bolts 2m above water. Drag traverse rope across 15m gap and setup tyrolean or swim.

Note 60m fixed line will initially require 10m extension with tag line to span diagonally when being dragged up from start of first pitch.

Loose rock is a possibility on all pitches, hauling of spare ropes and packs is recommended.

  1. (18) 30m Steely up corner crack which thins to fingers. Traverse right under roof and out onto finger flakes on face then up and traverse back left to sloping belay ledge with fixed wire. Good sustained pitch.

  2. (17) 30m Up corner crack with bridging and hand jamming of various widths. Continue to loose vegetated belay ledge at top with slings around boulder. Good pitch with some small rest ledges.

  3. (15) 25m Up wide crack and through awkward chimney sqeeze being careful not to dislodge loose rock. If climbing in single pair then leader will need to trail tyrolean rope up through chimney and flick around arête with help of second otherwise it will get stuck on arête. Continue up cracks and onto belay ledge being mindful of loose rock when choosing anchor pro.

  4. (15) 20m Up sunny face veering a little left at the top to another rusty anchor then scramble to the real summit.

FA: Craig Adam & Greg Thompson

FA: Craig Adam & Greg Thompson

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