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Access: Climbing restrictions may apply

ACAV Note: Parks Victoria has advised that rock climbing restrictions may apply at certain locations. Formal advice has changed several times during 2019.

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This little cliff has some excellent middle-grade climbs on fine rock. Many of the descents are by abseil from trees but this is not always mentioned in descriptions, and the ones that are mentioned may not be there since recent fires.

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Access issues inherited from Harrop Track

ACAV Note: Parks Victoria has advised that rock climbing restrictions may apply at this location. Formal advice has changed several times during 2019. Please refer to the following link for current and detailed advice:


Head off Waterworks Track not far north of the junction with Glenelg River Road, either at the gravel pit, or go a little further north to Native Pines Creek and walk up the creek. The cliff is obvious, with two short rock tiers before the main cliff is reached.

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Ethic inherited from Grampians

Grampians access issues have emerged due to potential damage to the environment and cultural sites. Climbers need to be aware that there are significant Aboriginal sites in the Grampians, especially in cave areas. Leave no trace and treat everything with care.

The following is a basic list of things climbers in the Grampians need to be aware of. For more detailed information visit

Climber’s Code

Find out about and observe access restrictions and agreements.

Use existing access tracks to minimise erosion - don’t create rock cairns or leave marking tape.

Do not disturb nesting birds or other wildlife.

Vegetation, even on cliff faces, is protected. Wire brushing to remove mosses and 'gardening' in cracks and gullies is not permitted. Use slings to protect trees while belaying or abseiling if belay anchors are not provided.

Large groups can create problems of crowding and excessive damage around cliffs. If you plan to take a group of ten or more people climbing, you are required to register to ensure there is space.

Respect sites of geological, cultural, or other scientific interest. Don't climb near Aboriginal sites

Vehicles must stay on roads open to the public; off-road driving is illegal.

Do not leave any rubbish - take it home with you.

Keep campsites clean.

Avoid all risk of fire - do not light campfires outside of official campground metal fire pits.

Dispose of human waste in a sanitary manner (bury, or even better pack it out) Do not pollute water supplies.

Respect established climbing traditions in ethical matters such as the use of chalk, pitons, bolts etc.

Avoid indiscriminate or excessive use of fixed equipment.

Responsible climbing will protect cliffs and ensure continued rockclimbing


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Grade Route

The wobbly pinnacle that is easily seen looking up and right as you slog up the final gully towards the crag. From the lowest point, ascend the clean face and pass the summit overhang on the right. Descend easily off the back.

FA: Stu Dobbie & Enmoore Lin, Apr 2016

The second of the shorter rock steps. There is only one route of any real value on it. At the left end of the cliff is a short wall split by a hideous off-width crack. The first climbs are just left of the off-width.

Not too bad. Take the arete left of the off-width on smooth, grey-yellow rock.

FA: Keith Egerton & Phil Wilkins, 1983

Never trust a lawyer. Climb a vague line on the wall just right of Unberievable, traversing left into that climb near the top.

FA: Kevin Lindorff & Kieran Loughran, 1983

Further right into the alcove, right of the off-width, is a corner with twin cracks.

FA: Neil Blundy & Brian Doolan, 1983

A bulge in the cliff 10 metres right of "One Eighth" produces some bouldery starts. This takes an arete.

FA: Kieran Loughran, 1983

Similar to the previous climb, starting by a tree to the right.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft & Pete Megens, 1983

The line just right of April Fools on a juggy wall. Veer right to go through a steepening and then left to the top.

FA: Neil Blundy & Brian Doolan, 1983

Quite a nice climb, somewhat spoiled by the grassy finish.

The elegant diagonal line snaking rightwards up the slabby wall.

FA: Peter Megens & Hugh Foxcroft, 1983

The main outcrop. The left side features a steep orange wall which is the taken by This Little Piggy. On the left side of the orange wall is the chimney-corner of Disappointment and 30 metres left of this is the prominent V-corner of Quakers.

The prominent V-corner 30 metres left of the orange wall.

FA: David Gairns, Hugh Foxcroft & Miles Martin, 1983

Energetic moves up the foot of the arete lead to easier ground. Follow the left edge of the buttress to the top.

Start: Start 2 metres right of "Quakers" at the right arete of its corner.

FA: Gordon Talbett & Alan Hope, 1992

Climb the centre of the buttress via a very shallow corner in the upper half. There is a good abseil tree above the buttress just to the right.

Start: Start 10 metres right of "Bananas In Pyjamas" is a broad grey buttress with a tree growing horizontally from the top on the left.

FA: Alan Hope & Gordon Talbett, 1992

You'll remember this.

Walk uphill from the top of "Floppsy Bunnies" to a wall with an orange corner/roof at its right-hand end.

Climb the corner, step right at the roof and up steep crack.

FA: Alan Hope & Gordon Talbett, 1992

Climb the left wall then the smooth corner crack to the top.

Start: Start 10 metres right of "Floppsy Bunnies" and 10 metres left of "Disappointment" is a shallow corner with a juggy left wall.

FA: Gordon Talbett & Alan Hope, 1992

Climb the left nose of the narrow buttress immediately ledt of "Disappointment".

FA: Stephen Hamilton, Geoff Butcher, Chris Lawrence & Michael Hampton, 1993

The right of the two aretes just left of "Disappointment".

FA: Stephen Hamilton, Tim Burke, Geoff Butcher & Chris Lawrence, 1993

An honest name for a climb.

The large chimney-corner on the left side of the orange wall.

FA: Greg Davies & Brian Doolan, 1983

A fine line up the centre of the beautiful orange wall.

FA: Kevin Lindorff & Kieran Loughran, 1983

More skullduggery saw Lindorff snaffling this ahead of Egerton. The fixed nut (on old cord) needs replacing before the route is attempted.

Start at corner and seam just right of This Little Piggy.

Climb the corner and seam to a fixed nut. Now go right to tackle the roof and beyond.

FA: Kevin lindorff & Jeremy Boreham, 1983

The overhanging weakness between "Big Bad Wolf" and "Too Hard", moving right to climb the left side of the arete. Finish up left-leading ramp.

FA: Glenn Tempest, Michael Hampton & Geoff Butcher, 1993

Start up "Too Hard" then traverse left to arete at 3 metres. Up arete to finish as for "There's Something Wrong With My Arms".

FA: Stephen Hamilton, Michael Hampton & Geoff Butcher, 1993

Some dubious rock.

Start right of "Big Bad Wolf" at a red overhang with a hand-crack on its right side.

Start strenuously and go up to the upper crack system. Finish up the left-hand crack.

FA: Peter Martin & Hugh Foxcroft, 1983

Sustained climbing up the shallow black groove and right-facing corner 4 metres right of "Too Hard". Near the top, cross a slab on the right to an abseil tree.

FA: Chris Baxter & Mike Stone, 1983

A couple of metres right of "Blast From The Past", steep hand-jamming off the ledge gives way to easy climbing.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft & Neil Blundy, 1983

The route "Spatlese" (Maddox, Armstrong)is almost certainly a repeat of this.

Start 1 metre left of Sour Grapes.

Follow the stepped flakes leftish, then straight up.

FA: Graeme Smith & Bruce Somerfield, 1990

Bridging moves lead to a good jam-crack almost in the chimney corner.

Start: Start 10 metres right of "Just Right" just left of a chimney-cleft.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft & Peter Martin, 1983

Pleasant bridging up the chimney-cleft just right of "Sour Grapes" then at one-third height take the left-hand branch, finishing up the steeper corner.

FA: Peter Watling & Helen Godfrey, 1984

Meanders up the buttress right of "Downpour". Take the weakness leading right to a large ledge. Scramble up.

FA: Neil Blundy & Peter Megens, 1983

Quite an attractive little thing.

Start a little right of "Too Soft" at a red corner and roof.

Up beneath roof and out right to pull onto wall and arete.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft & Dave Gairns, 1983

Excellent rock with intricate pro. Take lots of RPs! On wall right of Leveret, left of off-width corner. Start at small, crystal-encrusted, pocketed ledge about 1.5 metres left of off-width corner. Up through low bulge to thin seam/crack. Continue more or less straight up slabby wall following seam/crack system. On past right end of rubbly ledge onto juggy crack up small buttress to top. No FA details given (Argus, May 2004)

(For the Boys) Climb the centre of the bulging grey wall right of the off-width right of Leveret.

FA: Stephen Hamilton & Glenn Tempest, 1993

A bit tricky.

The shallow corner 15 metres right of Leveret and then up the wall.

FA: Mike Wust, Peter Lindorff & Kevin Lindorff, 1984

Up the shallow corner above the gap in the ledge and finish easily up the slab. Abseil from tree.

Start: Start 4 metres right of "Huff And Puff" at a gap in the ledge.

FA: Kevin Lindorff & Kieran Loughran, 1984

Start as for "Goodnight Mum, Goodnight Dad" but move right to the arete. Follow the line just right of the arete to the easy upper slab.

FA: Kevin Lindorff & Kieran Loughran, 1984

Follow the thin crack right of the gap in the ledge. It curves right at the top into a wider line.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft & Peter Martin, 1983

The wide crack right of "Firma Terra" has an impertinent move near the top.

FA: Hugh Foxcroft, Neil Blundy & Brian Doolan, 1983


Start about 15 metres right of Masters Apprentices.

Take the left-hand line to a large ledge. Abseil from shaky tree or finish easily up the crack behind.

FA: Peter Megens, Greg Davies. Optional finish : Chris & Sue Baxter.., 1983

Up the corner and slab above to tree and abseil.

Start: Start 20 metres right of "Old Moll", on the same level, at the obvious corner with the small roof at the top.

FA: Campbell Mercer & Julie Nitschke, 1991

Short polished wall below the step in the ledge from which the other climbs start.

Quite nice. The right-leaning crack which marks the left side of this little wall.

FA: Helen Godfrey & Peter Watling, 1984

The razor-like crack right of "Easter Bunnies", darting left at half-height to a break. Follow the break left to the arete and go up.

FA: Kevin Lindorff & Jeremy Boreham, 1983

The nice jam-crack right of "Nursery Crime"

FA: Hugh Foxcroft, 1983

Short sharp arête to left side of small buttress about 18 metres right of Buffalo Gals and below and right of Firma Terra and Masters Apprentices. Small wires and cams are tricky but ample. Move slightly right of the arête to top out. Tree anchor. Easy walk off right.

FA: Hywel Rowlands & Nha Nguyen, Apr 2016

Up right leaning crack.

Start: Start at the diagonal crack 20 metres right of "Buffalo Gals".

FA: Campbell Mercer & Julie Nitschke, 1991

Start in chimney right of Through The Looking Class. At 2 metres step left onto good feet. Small cams helpful. Directly up staying about 2 metres left of chimney, then slightly right to top out through overhang in order to gain good holds. Tree Anchor. Easy walk off right.

FA: Hywel Rowlands, Apr 2016

Start 3 metres right of chimney up right leaning easy rock to stance 4 metres above the ground. Use pockets to reach high into small crack then moving slightly right on slopers. Tree Anchor. Easy walk off right.

FA: Hywel Rowlands, Apr 2016

Start 8 metres of chimney through easiest line in the pancake layered rock. Climb straight until slabby rock at top of climb and walk left to tree anchor.

FA: Hywel Rowlands & Nha Nguyen, Apr 2016

This crag is unlocated

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