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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
24 Olaf the happy snowman

Left-hand bolted line. Up small scoop past 2 FH. When it ends, trend desperately up and left to 3rd FH, then slightly left before blasting straight up unlikely wall past 4th FH to anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Bill Begg, 2015

Sport 4
21 The fucking fucker’s fucked

Aka. the cheap Chinese petrol drill route…Straight up into, and through, the main scoop past 4 FH to anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Ben Weissner, 2014

22 The Rainbow Bracelet of Awesome Choices

Climb up just right of the scoop past 5 FH to anchors. It might look slightly contrived, but as long as you avoid stepping into the scoop you’re forced to climb slightly right of the bolts and it’s totally independent and really good climbing.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Kieran Loughran, 2013

Sport 5
21 O Glory of the Most Glorious

Straight from the hermits Baha’i Faith Prayer book. Up the middle orange streak past 4 FH to anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Graeme Dick, 2014

Sport 4
18 Repent Harlequin! Said The Ticktockman

Trad? WTF? Medium cams and wires and a couple of slings. Start below large flaky scoops. Up past 3 FH, trending left to stay on the good rock, then up black groove on trad to anchors.

FA: Kieran Loughran & Alex Trnovsky, 2014

Mixed trad 15m, 3
20 The devil on my shoulder

Start to the left of the black water streak and climb straight up past 4 FH to anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Andrew Clements, 2015

Sport 4
20 The atheist who found god

Up deceptively overhung wall, starting just right of the black water streak. Easy but committing to the first bolt, so best to stick clip.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & James Stephens, 2014

Sport 5
21 God hates us all

Start a few metres further right. Stick clip the first bolt. Climb from the left to giant dinner plate jug, then up wall above to ledge. After a breather, launch up the steep juggy headwall to anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Andrew Clements, 2015

Sport 5
Ballbag Amphitheatre
16 Window in the Sky

Start in the big cave below the window and climb the arete to the ledge. Step gently over the window then blast up the black groove to the anchors. Remarkably steep for the grade.

FA: Bill Begg, Brett Dodemaide & Alex Trnovsky, Apr 2016

Sport 5
21 afflicted by the curse

Start underneath the right end of the ledge (to the right of the main sandy cave). Climb up past a bolt, potter carefully left along the ledge, and then blast straight up past 4 more bolts to the anchors, enjoying the jugs while they last…

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Bill begg, 2015

Sport 5
23 The big honey hunt

Start in the same spot. Once on the ledge continue straight up the juggy groove before launching up the orange wall to shared anchors.

FA: Alex Trnovsky & Bill Begg, 2015

Sport 5
18 Deer hunting for Jesus

Start up the same juggy groove, but after the second bolt bust out rightwards past a third to the anchors above the ledge.

FA: Bill Begg & Alex Trnovsky, 2015

Sport 3
20 Guys lesbo lickfest fantasy line

Tough start (especially for shorties) leads to sustained climbing past 3 bolts to ledge and shared anchors.

FA: Guy Abell & Alex Trnovsky, 2015

Sport 3

Showing all 13 routes.

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