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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
21 Lichen Life

2m left of 'Found in a Compromising Position'. Fairly easy ground up crack to high first bolt, which can be protected with medium wires if you are feeling mortal. Up delicate face, top out left after last bolt.

Sport 18m, 4 Grampians
21 Sympathy
Trad 25m Grampians
13 The Singular Raindrop

Right leaning crack 1.5m right of Scarab, finishing on big ledge and rap anchor.

Trad 25m Grampians
17 They Must've Done It

Just left of right arete.

Trad 20m Grampians
8 Miti
Trad 13m Grampians
24 Fumbles Route

Start on 'Hysteria Lane' and traverse across to 'Widow of Opportunity'

Sport 18m Grampians
V2 Child of Love
Boulder 5m Grampians
17 Diane Direct Finish
Trad 23m Grampians
23 Bonn
Trad 32m Grampians
V14 Massive Dynamic
Boulder Grampians
V3 Slopy Fun
Boulder Grampians
12 The Corner
Trad 40m Grampians
6 Lin Biao
Trad 30m Grampians
17 Jasmine
Trad 25m Grampians
8 Dim Sim
Trad 46m Grampians
13 Agent Of Nature
Trad 65m Grampians
14 Shangri-La
Trad 54m Grampians
16 Junk Variant Finish
Trad 30m Grampians
4 The Dolls' House
Trad 25m Grampians
15 The Shining Path
Trad 20m Grampians
16 Shuper Sheet

The buttress left of Barabajagal with sparse protection

Trad 28m Grampians
20 The Transit of Venus
Trad 30m Grampians
V9 Immersion

On the east side of the boulder (facing downstream) is a blunt arete. From a sit start (the stand is a very good V8 in its own right) climb the edges right of the seam. Long moves lead to a tricky conclusion. Try not to ping off into the creek.

FA: Oliver Miller

Boulder Grampians
15 Green Light
Trad 25m Grampians
11 Misty
Trad 30m Grampians
26 The Touch
Trad 15m Grampians
23 Toucan the Flying Brick
Trad 35m Grampians
V3 Tap Dance Solo
Boulder Grampians
10 Feter Wussfield
Trad 10m Grampians
V1 Half Blood Prince
Boulder Grampians
18 When the Tide Goes Out
Trad 65m Grampians
17 TCU
Trad 10m Grampians
16 M4 The Gryphon
Aid 82m, 2 Grampians
16 The True Believers
Trad 18m Grampians
18 Mrs Miggin's Pie Shop
Trad 40m Grampians
13 First Offence

Up small crack system, with a bolt protecting the crux. Topping out is currently mossy, but will clean up over time. Fixed hangers to belay from about five metres back from top.

Mixed trad 11m, 1 Grampians
V4 Back, Sack, & Crack
Boulder Grampians
7 In Praise Of Folly
Trad 25m Grampians
8 No Third Dividend
Trad 14m Grampians
27 Panama Papers

The dimpled wall which used to have old carrots. A bouldery start guards the fun face climbing above.

Sport 15m, 4 Grampians
10 Empyrean
Trad 40m Grampians
16 Bond Away

An alternate 2nd Pitch to Male Bonding. Start just L of P2 of MB. Mantle up to small ledge 2m up, then up flake to ledge. Finish up line 2-3m L of the corner/seam of MB. The start looks fierce and unprotected.

FA: Jeremy Boreham, Mike Wust & James McIntosh

FFA: 1993

Trad 25m Grampians
21 Boy's Toupee
Trad 20m Grampians
V7 Inspector Gadget Left

Starts with the same moves as Inspector Gadget then head out left to crimp rail & finish up at Ultra Deluxe

Boulder Grampians
12 Buster Gonad
Trad 28m Grampians
12 Green Eggs And Ham
Trad 35m Grampians
V1 Galaxy Vivisection

Right rising traverse on low prow boulder to the right of Darjeeling Express

Boulder 6m Grampians
8 Kerbstone
Trad 8m Grampians
14 Stills
Trad 6m Grampians
15 Conny's Corner
Trad 10m Grampians
8 Ursa Minor
Trad 35m Grampians
11 Bolga
Trad 30m Grampians
27 The Fat of the Land

This line breaches the steepest part of the main wall on perfect rock, with some amazing moves to get through the bulges. Start at the left of 2 cracks that head up the the lower part of the main wall. Blast up through some very steep bulges, with some great slopers for slapping.

FFA: adam demmert

FA: Adam Demmert, 2008

Sport 25m, 9 Grampians
19 Benson
Trad 20m Grampians
18 Immaculate Deception
Trad 50m Grampians
13 Helen
Trad 27m Grampians
V4 Railway Machine

Start as for 'Slot Machine' and traverse right into 'Cinema Show'. Finish up this.

Boulder Grampians
V3 Bastard Son
Boulder 4m Grampians
9 M4 Silver

Start at slab 6 metres left of 'The Lone Ranger'.

Aid 95m, 2 Grampians
V5 Feeling Oblivion
Boulder Grampians
V3 Grovelling sideways and emerging into the light
Boulder Grampians
10 Mother Bear
Trad 130m Grampians
V0 Lovely

Sit start, below the finish of 'Back, Sack & Crack' at a juggy horizontal rail. Up via the positive pockets.

Boulder Grampians
The Fat of the Land RHV - Open Project

The Next diagonal crack system heading up the wall joining TFOTL just

before the first break

Unknown 25m
6 The Crypt
Trad 33m Grampians
22 How Much Can A Koala Bear?
Trad 15m Grampians
V9 Sparkle Motion
Boulder Grampians
17 The Rattler
Trad 100m Grampians
V7 Problem#4
Boulder Grampians
14 Frog Legs
Trad 15m Grampians
Eveil Elf

takes the very R hand side of this wall right of the huge blocks.

Trad Grampians
13 Take a Chance
Trad 20m Grampians
15 Sassenach Left Hand Variant
Trad 5m Grampians
16 Eight Hours Rest
Trad 22m Grampians
17 Dejah Thoris
Trad 47m Grampians
10 Flash Flood
Trad 10m Grampians
16 Sepulchrave
Trad 66m Grampians
18 Harmonic Motion
Trad 10m Grampians
19 Hit and Run Direct Finish
Trad 18m Grampians
13 Can't See
Trad 30m Grampians
12 My Mother's Got a Hugh, Hairy Moustache
Trad 18m Grampians
24 Redback pitch 1
Trad 25m Grampians
V5 R Bleausard

Sit-start up just right of arete - watch out for the block below. Some holds seems to be missing.

Boulder 4m Grampians
V5 Center Problem In Cave
Boulder Grampians
V2 Time Lord (s)
Boulder Grampians
V3 Sesame Superhighway

A great two mover. Pretty much a 1-3-6 campus move - but with your feet on (if you get the drift).

Boulder 2m Grampians
21 Bolt Out of the Blue

10m left of HDN, not the world's best route but a filler at the end of the day. A few bolts, rps and big cam.

Trad 27m Grampians
V2 Banana Slab
Boulder Grampians
11 Den of Theives
Trad 27m Grampians
V2 Good as Gold

Start as for Arm and a Leg and climb straight up the juggy seam.

Boulder 4m Grampians
23 Ganges River Blues
Trad 45m Grampians
17 Beesting
Trad 55m Grampians
V8 Shattered Arete

Sit Start under the arete and punch straight up the nose on hard moves.

Boulder Grampians
15 Deap Sea Fishing
Trad 25m Grampians
V9 To Love To Hate

Start as for "Ministry of Love" and move to the lip. Traverse left on slopers to finish up "To Love To Hate".

Boulder Grampians
V2 Not Drowning, Waving

Sit Start on the jug almost in between the two boulders, climb to the top on good holds.

Boulder 4m Grampians
18 The Extension Lead

Exposure plus, and linked with The Generator Routes this makes an awesome long pitch. Start at halfway ledge two meters right of Bug Powder Dust. Follow the 4FHs up the arête, moving to the right-hand side at the 3rd FH. (25m rap) Warning: Anchor is loose and potentially dangerous

FA: Rob Booth & Ross Timms

Sport 15m, 4 Grampians
21 Lost in Space

Thin face with two FH's. Hard moves are located in the bottom half. The top half is technically easy but hard to protect.

Set by Monty Curtis

FA: Paul Christoffersen, Monty Curtis & Nick McKinnon, 1998

Mixed trad 30m, 2 Grampians
17 M2 Heart Of Glass
Aid 26m, 2 Grampians
V1 Smack Crack

Stand start on a jug at the bottom of the crack and follow it to the top.

Boulder Grampians

Showing 1 - 100 out of 8,936 routes.

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