Lake Huntley is a lake in the West of Tasmania that is surrounded in some parts by 300 metre high cliffs. The lake is located in the Tyndall Range.

Access issues

This is an alpine area, with sensitive vegetation and pristine lakes. Pack out your poop, don’t leave any trash, and avoid trampling the vegetation as much as possible.


Approximately 3 hours to the cave. Starts up the standard hiking trail, and diverges at a cairn at the top.

This is a sensitive area that needs protection. Check the guidebook or theSarvo for more details about the approach and considerations when you’re up there. GPS coordinates are included

Where to stay

There is a small cave you can bivvy in next to a couple of small alpine lakes

Ethic inherited from Tasmania

  • The operation and use of drones by park visitors on reserved land including national parks is not permitted​.

  • Please note that Tasmania has notoriously patchy phone reception for particular service providers. Telstra is the most reliable. An emergency Personal Locator Beacon or similar is recommended kit when climbing in remote locations.

  • For more information - follow the link below for some local tips + tricks on how to better reduce your impact during your next Tassie climbing holiday


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Grade Route
  1. 40m (26) Unrelenting crimps and side-pulls. 15 bolts

  2. 45m (24) Sustained and tenuous climbing on small holds past 2 bulges. 15 bolts.

  3. 40m (22) Slabby finale, run out in places. 10 bolts.

FA: Ingvar Lidman & Gerry Narkowicz, 2014

  1. 18m (21)

  2. 35m (28)

  3. 17m (24)

  4. 30m (21)

  5. 18m (19)

  6. 20m Scramble

  7. 15m (19)

FA: Garry Phillips & Will Bartlett, 2012

FA: Doug Fife & Garn Cooper


FA: Steve Anterton, Kent Jensen, Julien Bell & Glen Foley, 2006

Access is via the Main Face rappels. Alternatively you can rap the route, but you’ll need to bring plenty of spare biners, as the belays are all double FH.

Note that you can’t French free a lot of the hard pitches, and the escape from the base is not pleasant.

  1. 50m (27) 'The Drowning Pitch'

  2. 20m (21)

  3. 45m (24) 'Crazy Sex Pitch'

  4. 45m (26) 'Balls in a Juicer Pitch'

  5. 35m (23)

  6. 15m (24)

  7. 50m (25) 'The Golden Corner'

  8. 30m (20)

  9. 20m (20)

FA: Adam Donoghue Gareth Llewellin, 2005

FA: Adam Donoghue, Scott Camps & Gareth Llewellin

  1. 18m (17)

  2. 30m (28)

  3. 20m (25)

  4. 20m (26)

  5. 20m (25)

  6. 20m (25)

FA: Garry Phillips & Jake Bresnehan, 2010

  1. 40m Project

  2. 35m Project

  3. 30m (25)

  4. 40m (24)

  5. 45m (24)

FA: Adam & Gareth, 2007

Well protected steep slab.

FA: Gareth Llewellin & Adam Donoghue

All located to climber's right of the Main Face

  1. 35m (22) 13 bolts to DBB

  2. 35m (20) 12 bolts to DBB. Ignore DBB after 7 bolts and continue to the top.

FA: Kim Robinson & Claire, 2005

Mostly bolted but trad gear needed on some pitches.

  1. 25m (17) Fully bolted

  2. 35m (22)

  3. 30m (18)

  4. 30m (26) Fully bolted. Can pull on the crux bolt and do this pitch at 23 A0.

  5. 15m (13)

FA: Simon Young & John Fischer

Variants to pitches 2 and 4 make Big City Life possible to be climbed at grade 20. 2b) 35m (20) 3 bolts plus gear 4b) 35m (19)

FA: Simon Young & John Fischer, 2008

Located near the summit of Mt. Tyndall

Needs to be retro bolted to make it sane.

Abseil 50m from 60cm slings at DBB just below highest point of the NE buttress to large vegetated ledge with quartz covered ramp. Walk towards the lake to DBB and extend anchor with 120cm slings and abseil 70 m to a grassy terrace. Can be done as 2x 35m rappels. Gear: 16 quickdraws, small wires, cams from micro cams to #2, slings for abseil, spare biners for anchors

  1. P 1) 34m 19 up short arete to thin crack then head left past bolt to arete. Continue airily to DBB. 10 bolts and small wires and micro cams

  2. P2) 36m 18 continue up arete to DBB. 10 bolts.

  3. P3) 25m 21 walk up ramps to base of wall and start at a finger/ hand crack that leads at 6 m into a chimney on the right side of a pinnacle. From top of pinnacle bouldery moves past 3 bolts lead to an alcove, from this step right onto slab and up to DBB. 4 bolts and gear

  4. P4) 25m 11 a single bolt is visible on the skyline to the right from the belay. Walk 2m right up vegetated ledge to crack then up this staying right to the bolt and up onto grassy ledge. The crack just to the left leads to the starting DBB. 1 bolt and gear

FA: Vanessa Wills & David Gray, Feb 2022

A variant p5 for HHCIB. From the pedestal below the second last bolt on pitch 4 take the direct corner/ ramp for 25m until able to traverse right and up to DBB. Continue up the final pitch of HHCIB. Gear full rack of cams to #3 with double # 0.75 and #1 and a good selection of wires

FA: David Gray & Vanessa Wills, Feb 2022

The furthest buttress on the left (looking from camp). Skipping the first pitch makes for a much friendlier introduction to Tyndalls climbing.

Approach via the slabs and gullies along the cliff edge. You’ll come to a deep, scrubby gully which is crossed via a tight trail through the scrub (should be marked by a cairn).

Working your way along, you’ll probably find yourself on the summit of the tallest buttress. Looking down, you’ll see a big cairn on the ledge below you - this is where the rap starts. Walk lookers left a little bit to scramble down to this ledge.

Raps: - short one onto DBB at arete - straight down onto grassy ledge (don’t follow the line of the route here). You should see the next anchors down a little bit, on a lower ledge climbers right of the grassy one. - from here, follow the route.

The raps can be done on a 70m (with stretch). Alternatively, there’s a double FH belay halfway down P3 that can facilitate shorter ropes.

  1. 23m (23)

  2. 27m (16)

  3. 42m (19)

  4. 17m (18)

  5. 15m (16) - traverse and down climb a bit, aiming for the arete to climber’s right

  6. 27m (21)

  7. 14m (10)

Warning Fixed Gear: Old bolts

The collection of boulders and smaller cliffs across from the bivy cave.

Hop onto the bunny ear looking boulder on the top left of the Dining Room View

FA: David Tan, 24 Feb 2019

Traverse across the horisontal crack from the corner to the arete then finish up the arete.

FA: David Tan, 24 Feb 2019

Up the clean but adequately featured face two tiers down from the top of the hill.

FA: David Tan, 24 Feb 2019

Start below and right of the enticing offwidth that splits the face directly across from the bivy cave. Climb easily up the thin crack then across left and up the the beginning of the offwidth. Make a few noises and shuffle up that thing.

FA: David Tan & Kim Walls, 24 Feb 2019

Buttress across from oooeee, up wide crack through bulge to ledge. Continue up easy crack. Can be done in one pitch.

FA: Harrie Van de Linde, Timmy Wong & will Jardine, 21 Jan 2021

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Author(s): Gerry Narkowicz

Date: 2021

ISBN: 9780646841946

Cracks, sea stacks, big walls, remote exotic locations, volcanic columns, no crowds and your choice of the predominant dolerite, some quartzite and a little sandstone to remind you of the mainland. Many a wilderness climbing experience can be had within a 2hr car trip from the main centers. By Gerry Narkowicz. This guide features 1280 routes.

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