Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
19 Puk Puk Sen

Climb line of ringbolts immediately right of Constructive Vandalism. Thought provoking moves halfway up will result in glory or failure. 5BR & DBB. A great climb to warm up on. It was graded 20 but is much easier than Shaved Cat....

Sport 15m, 5 Bob's Hollow
20 Shaved Cat

A crag classic and a WA test piece for the grade. Start up line of bolts between large feature with small holds.A technical start and a leftward traverse precedes a glorious juggy finish. Well protected. 8BR & DBB

Sport 20m, 8 Bob's Hollow
17 Lover's Nuts

A popular route for those looking for a more moderate grade. Gets sharp at the top. Crux is well protected and a great climb for those that are just starting at the pointy end of the rope.

Sport 25m, 8 Bob's Hollow
21 Constructive Vandalism

Clip first high bolt and continue up jugs, some of which have big moves in between. 5BR & DBB

Sport 15m, 5 Bob's Hollow
19 Fin Right

Goes up right of the large fin feature following a line of bolts. One of the longer climbs of the crag and great for working your stamina. 7BR & DBB

Sport 20m, 7 Bob's Hollow
25 Hollow Promise

Head up pillar right of Dependence Day to reach steep ground. Continue up small pockets to a sustained and pumpy finale. The proudest line at Bob's Hollow and many peoples first 25. 6BR & DBB


FA: 1994

Sport 25m, 6 Bob's Hollow
21 Black Lung

Start 2m right of Puk Puk Sen. Climb past cave into juggy finish.

Sport 15m Bob's Hollow
23 Fire Power

Up left side of pillar on jugs to a massive 'do or die' finish. 4BR & DBB

Sport 20m, 4 Bob's Hollow
20 Thyeses Feast

Left of the fin as you are facing wall, then steep crux ending. Originally Fin, graded 17, but has now been extended into the steep stuff and renamed as Thyeses Feast. Harder than Fin Right or Puk Puk Sen.

Sport 15m Bob's Hollow
18 Stalagasaurus

A great line to anchor at right end of cave. Just before the cave there are two options with separate bolts, the R option is gr.18, the L option is gr.20. In theory this climb continues up and above the cave but few do this runout finish.

Sport 15m, 5 Bob's Hollow