Easter Rocks

  • Grade context: AU
  • Ascents: 35




A collection of boulders with one resembling an Easter Island statue. The climbing is mainly on the N and W faces


In the trees on your L and halfway up to Main Group.


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Grade Route

There is a corner crack facing W about 30 m below Easter Rocks. Climb this then the slab on R

FA: Phil Robertson & Chris Watson, 1990

Up to BR 2m R of RaB near meter round dimple.

FA: Chris Watson & Steve Hains, 1990

Slab 7 m R with features and good pro

FA: Phil Benson, 1990

Arete L of main corner of Easter Rocks proper (Fancy Pants). BR

FA: Chris Watson & Steve Hains, 1995

Clip BR as for Cessation then L 2m. R a bit then up.

FA: Ben Eichler & Luke Eichler, 2001

Between C and FP. The middle of face. Side runner in FP and RP's.

FA: Phil Robertson & Bruce Somerfield, 1989

The corner

FA: Chris Watson & Tony Counsel, 1987

Wall just R of FP avoiding walls on either side. BR

FA: Chris Watson & Steve Hains, 1995

Back of pinnacle R of LC

FA: Chris Watson, 1990

Front of pinnacle, starting at SW arête, onto W face and up past 2 BR.

FA: Chris Watson, 1995

Start at a small crack 1m R of arête R of pinnacle, past horizontal 1/3 of way up and into vertical crack running through roof.

FA: Chris Watson, Phil Benson & Steve Hains, 1990

Up L of hole in middle of face to horizontal then L over lip.

FA: Phil Benson, 'Steve Hains & Chris Watson, 1990

Just R of hole. Straight up.

FA: Chris Watson, Phil Benson & Steve Hains, 1990

30m R (uphill) from RS is another boulder. Centre of scoop to BR then R and up crack.

FA: Nick Ping & Daniel James, 1996

There is another group of boulders further uphill. Go up wall from NW corner to roof. Hand traverse R. From ledge go up L face.

FA: Chris Watson, 1990

A tree has now grown over this route on another set of boulders L of Rejected. On E side is an overhanging crack line. Up this.

FA: Graham Whyte & Chris Watson, 1987

There is a slightly overhanging E face with a series of large ledges on a long thin boulder further left.

FA: Chris Watson, 1990

50 m Down and E from Cloud 9 is an orange boulder. 50m across the hill from this is a large dead gum tree. 20m S is an erosion gully. On S wall of gully is a narrow crack in a shallow corner. If you actually went to the trouble of finding this climb you might as well go up it.

FA: Tony Wilson, Phil Robertson & Alex McClure, 1989

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