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Mount Beckworth

Mt Beckworth has very fine grained granite which is friendly on the skin.

The Main Group

The largest single group of Beckworth climbs.

The Main Group
Elephant Rock

A large boulder sitting on a rock platform. Chains on Top.

The Main Group Elephant Rock
13 Clingle

Overhanging crack on south side.

12 Gimme

A few M L of Clingle. Jump to starting jug then up arete. Solo FA. No gear.

5 Solo You Wimp

Diagonally L to R up West face.

8 John Colgate

Vague crack on L side of slab

10 Prawn Of Death

Chimney and corner crack on North of rock

13 Baby Elephant Walk

Chimney, Corner and then traverse left past BR. Up arete

19 Tusker

Shallow corner on East side. Up crack.

17 Balance Of Power

As for Tusker, then left to bolt and around corner. Up and left past 2nd BR.

24 Ivory Coast

Starts under the first bolt of Balance of Power. Continue straight up via a second bolt.

17 Trunk Line

Starting left of Tusker at black streak. Up to 1st BR of Balance of Power then as for that climb

23 Slave

steep face L of Trunk Line. FH, PR.

24 Slave Varient

As for Slave to 1st FH then L past 2 more FH.

12 Laydown Mrs Marsh

Traverse along horizontal from Clingle to Prawn of Death.

The Main Group
Bat Boulder

Uphill from Elephant Rock, on the far right of the main group. A (very) low boulder with a distinct, shiplike prow facing uphill.

The Main Group Bat Boulder
V0 Rabies

Sit-start (kind of - your head is actually the last thing to leave the ground). Headstand into a bat-hang on the very point of the prow, then invert into an easy mantle. Very much a goof, but pretty entertaining.

The Main Group
Rabbit Boulder

Long boulder to left of path before ferns.

The Main Group Rabbit Boulder
V5 The Match

Likely to draw blood.

V5 Around the World

Start crouched in the scoop, balance your way right.

V7 1080 Baits

Because its a serious rabbit problem. Sit start with a low right hand and compress your way to glory.

V3 Special Demented

Sit start on the sloping rail 1m right of 1080 Baits and mantle into the scoop.

The Main Group
Hare Boulder

Just uphill from the rabbit boulder

The Main Group Hare Boulder
V5 Hare Raiser

Sit start in the slot. Interesting, but no stars.

V3 Long Ears
V4 Harey Feet

Sit start from the side pull and move to the edge out left. Avoid moving into Long Ears when topping out.

V3 Good Hare

Sit start and stay left.

The Main Group
Slug Boulder

Slug is term describing a polyphyletic group of terrestrial gastropod molluscs; hermaphroditic creatures known for their slow pace. Of course this this boulder is not a slug per se, it merely resembles one, and can be found on the walking track, opposite Good Times.

The Main Group Slug Boulder
V4 Slug Life

Sit start and mantle through the poor slopers.

V5 Snail Trail

Looks like a doddle but is far from it. Sit start under the bulge.

The Main Group
Stranger Stone

Will be passed on walk from car to Main Group. It's on your L and lower than Easter Rocks.

The Main Group Stranger Stone
V5 Anhedonia

A common symptom of the COVID era. Stand start a couple of metres down the hill from Three Moves to Nowhere. Tricky moves lead up to a good edge and one final thin move. Finish easily, tending left to avoid the tree branches.

V0 Three Moves To Nowhere

Originally a Grade 8 climb. Flake crack on upper western side

V1 Bruxism

Grab the bottom of the fang just right of Three Moves to Nowhere and climb directly up it.


The dirt is never gone, just take a brush. Stand start recommended. The sit start done recently by Mr. Wilson adds two grades and removes the stars.


Sit start on good ledge facing uphill. Throw for good hold over the bulge.

V2 The First

Has historical significance you can feel - in the form of crimps.

V2 Actually

A metre or two left of The First. From a stand start, grab a side-pull and a pinch and slap up to easier conclusion.

21 Give Me Danger Little Stranger

Big splitter crack on lower Eastern corner.

The Main Group
Good Times Boulder

walk up hill from rabbit boulder towards the large boulder cluster then follow path into ferns.

The Main Group Good Times Boulder
V3 Tough Times

Sit start on the sidepull, head left to interesting mantel.

V4 The Double Sit

Sit start as for Tough Times.

V4 Good Times

Sit start as for tough times, traverse right to top out. Deceptively steep and slopey.

V4 Bed Time

Lowball traverse. SDS with RH on crimp rail and LH on good side pull. Traverse left with with big moves on good holds and try not to dab! Finish the top out on jugs.

V1 Bed Time Story

SDS with RH on petruding pebble and LH on obvious crimp. Shuffle your way around and over the bulge and top out.

The Main Group
Caterpillar Boulder

The low boulder directly up the hill from the Good Times Boulder.

The Main Group Caterpillar Boulder
V5 Caterpillar Traverse

A fun sloper traverse that's gentle on the skin. Sit start on the juggy flake on the downhill face, bust a move up and then traverse left up the hill, topping out on the highest point.

The Main Group
Easter Rocks

A collection of boulders with one resembling an Easter Island statue. The climbing is mainly on the N and W faces

The Main Group Easter Rocks
9 Rhythm And Blues

There is a corner crack facing W about 30 m below Easter Rocks. Climb this then the slab on R

14 Crank Start

Up to BR 2m R of RaB near meter round dimple.

4 Cross Roads

Slab 7 m R with features and good pro

16 Cessation

Arete L of main corner of Easter Rocks proper (Fancy Pants). BR

18 Hot Cross Buns

Clip BR as for Cessation then L 2m. R a bit then up.

16 Hot Pink

Between C and FP. The middle of face. Side runner in FP and RP's.

10 Fancy Pants

The corner

19 Loose Connection

Wall just R of FP avoiding walls on either side. BR

9 Easter 'eads

Back of pinnacle R of LC

23 The Resurrection

Front of pinnacle, starting at SW arête, onto W face and up past 2 BR.

12 JC Was Here

Start at a small crack 1m R of arête R of pinnacle, past horizontal 1/3 of way up and into vertical crack running through roof.

13 Strolling Bones

Up L of hole in middle of face to horizontal then L over lip.

14 Rolling Stone

Just R of hole. Straight up.

15 The Deception

30m R (uphill) from RS is another boulder. Centre of scoop to BR then R and up crack.

10 Rejected

There is another group of boulders further uphill. Go up wall from NW corner to roof. Hand traverse R. From ledge go up L face.

15 Cloud 9

A tree has now grown over this route on another set of boulders L of Rejected. On E side is an overhanging crack line. Up this.

11 A Step In Time

There is a slightly overhanging E face with a series of large ledges on a long thin boulder further left.

10 Kookaburra

50 m Down and E from Cloud 9 is an orange boulder. 50m across the hill from this is a large dead gum tree. 20m S is an erosion gully. On S wall of gully is a narrow crack in a shallow corner. If you actually went to the trouble of finding this climb you might as well go up it.

The Main Group
Almost Easter

The boulder jumble just below Easter rocks.

The Main Group Almost Easter
V4 Underclinger

Sit start and follow the seam of sidepulls/underclings to the top.

V4 Just what the doctor ordered

Sit start with left hand side pull, through the crack. Starting rail of Jump Up helps.

V3 Jump Up

Start on the thin crimps.


Oh so thin. Underlings then ??? then top.

V3 Block Party

Sit start on the lower block. Bridging behind you is cheating.

V4 Jonah 95

Sit start on the incut LH side pull and the high, slopey ledge for the right. Climb straight up the blunt Arete and top out the slab and eventually the ramp. Holds IN the scoop are out. Laugh at yourself as you pass the old carrot bolt.

Mono Proj

The slab with monos.

No Mono Proj

The slab without monos.

Scoop Project

Weird scooping into a side pull.

The Main Group
Edge Boulder

A big boulder hidden behind Easter Rocks

The Main Group Edge Boulder
V3 Edge of Reason

Sit start in the unprotectable hole with low left foot and high right heel. Top out carefully on opposite side of boulder.

V0 Edge of Glory

Stand start. Switch sides of the boulder to top out.

V1 Edge Traverse

Great moves. Start as for Edge of Reason and traverse the face right, avoid the chossy break to top out the slab far right.

The Main Group
Palmistry Slab

Technical slab above Easter Rocks

The Main Group Palmistry Slab
V4 Palmistry

"I see frustration in your future." Fantastic technical slab climbing.

The Main Group
Goat Boulder

Boulder at the top of Easter Rocks

The Main Group Goat Boulder
V2 Goat Boy

Sit start on the left of the crack and climb up through the scoop.

V3 Romancing the Goat

Sit start on the right of the crack.

V5 Scapegoat

Sit start with high right gaston and low left sidepull. Move up and left through sharp vertical slot.

V2 A Goat for all Seasons

Sit start good right side pull to climb the blunt arete.

The Main Group

Depending on which 'track' you took from the carpark up towards The Main Wall, you might have walked through a steep gully between 2 of 3 large rounded boulders. If not, locate Cosy Corner. These boulders and this gully are just down and L across the hillside from this climb.

The Main Group Thingamejug
22 Over The Moon

There is a sustained overhanging finger crack on the uphill side of the gully, just L of Gecko. Climb this if you can.

14 Gecko

On the uphill, eastern wall of the gully is a curved overhanging flake.

20 Thingamejug

On the downhill side of the boulder downhill from Gecko is a blackwood tree in front of an arching overhang. Follow the arch past a low nut and 2 BR then straight up.

13 The Bridge

On the boulder in this group closest to Cosy Corner there is a 1.5m high block near the SW corner. Bridge to face from block. FH and 2BR. Single FH on top.

17 Tiptoeing The Arches

follow the crack from the bottom R hand end L to and across the to of The Bridge.

14 Every Step I Take

As for TTA but straight up arête to L side. Finish up arête or L 1m then up.

16 Crumbling Confidence

There is a large boulder half way between Thingamejug and Elephant Rock. Climb the NW corner on sandy rock with no pro.

The Main Group
The Alcove Boulders

As for Cosy Corner. From car park head up hill and towards L end of upper cliffs. Cosy corner is the obvious corner in an alcove, and the easiest of climbs to locate. The Alcove Boulders are the boulders that form the outside the alcove. The climbs are on the E faces.

The Main Group The Alcove Boulders
25 Simple Simon

On uphill end of face outside and downhill of alcove entrance. Overhanging corner line, starting off block then finger traverse under roof. Originally 18 with some nuts for aid.

12 Out Of The Hat

L and lower down from SS. Up body width crack off detached face to gain face then continue.

12 Reborn

Unto detached block downhill from SS. Follow weakness to up and L. Great Pro. Finish either at blocks, or at rap chains.

Showing 1 - 100 out of 603 nodes.

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