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New South Wales and ACT


Author(s): Sydney Rockclimbing Club

Date: June 1999

ISBN: 0959688048

The only complete guide covering 2500 climbs of all grades, sport and traditional at all Upper Blue Mountains crags. Includes directions to the crags, maps and some photos. Convenient size to slip into pocket or pack.

Author(s): Wade Stevens

Date: May 2001 (ISBN 0-646-41439-9)



Author(s): Jim Truscott

Date: Autumn 2000

This Pocket sized edition is available with a plastic cover.

Author(s): Chris Baxter

Date: Autumn 1999

This Pocket sized edition is free in Rock no 38. Slip-on covers are avaliable $2.10 each ($2.90 overseas).

Author(s): Alastair Lee

Date: 1997

ISBN: 1852842377

The only comprehensive overview for Australian Crags. 85 plus crags, heaps of useful info. Ideal for traveller or native alike to get you going in the right direction. Sorry but the photos are v.poor only had an instamatic camera at the time!For some real photos see -what a site!-

Author(s): Jeff Boyton & Robert Cowan

Date: Summer 1998

This Pocket sized edition is free in Rock no 33. Slip-on covers are avaliable $2.10 each ($2.90 overseas).

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