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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Slab D'vine
V1 SD1

Far left of the slab off the thin semi-detached plate, potentially bad landing.

Boulder 3m
V2 Slab Edge

Start off ground between SD1 and SD3 gaining the slab sans detached plate/shelf moving right to finish up SD3, Mega.

Boulder 4m
V0+ SD3

Right of SD2 starting off the large shelf up via crimps.

Boulder 3m

Short wall left of gully.

Boulder 3m

From the ground climb the short offwidth/gully.

Boulder 3m

Climb the left arete and wall of short slab right of gully.

Boulder 3m

Sit start to SD6 from left arete.

Boulder 3m

Short wall between the aretes, with both aretes out.

Boulder 3m
V0- SD9

Sit start to SD8, stay away from both aretes for the tick.

Boulder 3m
VB- SD10

Large flake from standing.

Boulder 3m

Sit start to SD10.

Boulder 3m
VB+ SD12

Slab immediately right of flake sans flake via crimp avoiding the nice features of SD13 to the right.

Boulder 3m

Centre of slab right of large flake.

Boulder 3m

Blunt arete/rib right of tree branches

Boulder 3m
VB+ SD15

Sit start to SD14 from arete/flake and crimp.

Boulder 3m
Crack D'vine
V0- CD1

Stand start from the low ledge and ascend the slab utilising the flake of the arete/rib.

Boulder 3m
V0 CD2

Sit start to CD1 from undercut and low crimp.

Boulder 3m
VB Crack D'vine

Climb the lovely crack.

Boulder 3m
V0 CD8

Coarse slab right of Crack D'vine sans crack.

Boulder 3m
V0- CD9

Far right of buttress, sit start from left side of large detached flake traversing it to the right (low small ledge is out). Once established on the flake transition directly onto the main slab and traverse left to finish up Crack D'vine.

Boulder 5m
Harpoon Boulder
VB Ha1

Right of boulder via blunt arete/rib and good flake.

Boulder 2m
VB+ Ha2

Sit start to Ha1 from undercut and crimps, detached block out.

Boulder 2m
VB+ Ha3

Middle of short wall.

Boulder 2m
V0- Ha4

Sit start as for Ha2 moving left to finish up Ha3.

Boulder 2m
VB+ Harpoon

Left side of boulder/tree, ascend the slab via flake. Detached block far left is out.

Boulder 2m

Showing all 25 routes.

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