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Jug over the cats head

The boulders under the high flood mark are all public access, however i have included some above the high water mark that are gems. I tried to seek permission but due to the owners fear of legal replications, permission will not be given. However that been said there is no fence on that side of the river, no clear line of trespass and as long as the river is in eye shot (not 1km off the river) it was hinted that we would only be asked to return to the river if caught there. But please don't push it! This has taken me a long time to get this small step. Keep the river in eye shot! Its a grey area..

V1 Walk Like An Eygiptian

SDS, side pull and look for the jug on the left. a little awkward but oh so much fun.

Showing all 2 nodes.

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