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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Stonehenge South-West cluster Moby Dick Boulder
V6/7 Free Willy

Sit start low and left on obvious jug, move up and right through features to pocket. Continue right into crimps in dish, big moves up and right then mantle. Probably done a while ago.

FA: Alan Ezzy

Boulder 4m
Stonehenge South East Cluster Split in Half Boulder
V7 Break Free

Climb the right arete.

FA: Alan Ezzy

Boulder 4m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Cascade boulders Evan Stone area
V7 The West Face

Okish crimps, meh footers, dyno to sloper lip

FA: Alan Ezzy, 16 Jan 2016

Boulder 3m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central Boulders Vulcanology area
V7 Ambrosia

Another 10m towards the creek on your right is a short boulder.

Boulder 2m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central Boulders Bus driver boulder
V6/7 Bus driver traverse

Start on the same juggy hold as for Bus Driver. Low traverse of smooth slopers and ledges to the right. When you hit the end jug or sloper (further right), head up through a micro-crimp/crystally top out.

Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge South-Western Boulders Quickdraw Area
V7 Full Traverse

Start as for Gymnastic and traverse left to the start hold of Thing and keep going left low and make long move left to seem then finish up on the big easy slopers. Probably been done before.

FA: Unknown

Boulder 2m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Eastern Boulders Catacombs
V7 Dan's arete

Nice and tall arete just east of catacomb roof 30m. Not sure of the name either. Grade should be close.

FA: Dan Honeyman, 2008

Boulder 5m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Northeast Boulders Northeast Group Spiderskin
V5 - 8 Project

Start as for Spiderskin, but climb the obvious feature to the left where it ends. Then a very long reach to the left onto an slopey sidepull, then up to edge and then mantel finish.

BoulderProject 2m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Closed Ring pull boulder
28 Gotthard Express
Sport 3
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central climbing areas Shooting Star Block
28 Max

A power-endurance fest. Start: As for L.A. - clip first bolt from the block. Pump up to the jug on Trapeze then reverse this to the second bolt on R.G.M. Finish as for this route.

FA: Andreas Audetat, 1995

Sport 15m, 2
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central climbing areas Black Dog Wall
V7 Unknown

Directly below the left end of the Black Dog Wall.

Nice slightly overhanging boulder that faces the Black Dog Wall.

Sit start the crack with a high right foot and make your way powerfully to the lip and head right and mantel.

BoulderProject 3m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Downstream climbing areas The Fortress
27/28 Alan's project

A direct line up the face that ratchets up the grade with each move

Set by Alan Ezzy, 2016

SportProject 10m, 5
Gara Gorge Western Gara Gorge The Sphinx
28 Ramesses I

FA: Andreas Audetat, 1995

Cathedral Rock National Park Boon Docks Main Docks Roped Climbing
28 Dance of the Pharoah

5 bolts to twin rings. Stick clip first two and start in corner. Get a good belayer, you don't want loads of slack here. The bloc behind is out.

Technical climbing to a heart breaking crux finish. In summer, climb in the evening.

FA: Steve Karma, 20 Mar 2016

Sport 15m, 6
Cathedral Rock National Park Boon Docks Main Docks Bouldering Salubrious Boulder
V7 Salubrious Sacs SDS

Sit down start then up arete

FA: Arthur Schultz, 26 Sep 2014

Boulder 5m
Cathedral Rock National Park Boon Docks The Maze Trigrams Cluster
V7 Finland

Overhung arête, awesome. Start with right hand on low crimp and left on blocky feature above.

FA: Alan Ezzy

Boulder 4m
Cathedral Rock National Park Boon Docks The Maze Rasengan Bloc
V7 Rasengan

Hard first move, then follow rail to top out, has been done as a jump start problem

FA: Alan Ezzy, 13 Apr 2015

BoulderProject 3m
Cathedral Rock National Park Boon Docks The Maze Sharingan Bloc
V7 Sharingan

Perfect letterbox start to hard crimping

FA: Alan Ezzy, 10 Apr 2015

BoulderProject 5m
Mt Yarrowyck Car Park Boulders Candy For Jeff Boulder
V7 Candy for Jeff link Up

Do the Jeff's Traverse and Candy For Jeff.

Boulder 4m
Mt Yarrowyck Car Park Boulders Highball boulder
V7 Foot fighter

Start on sidepull to the left of arete then up to finish on ramp

Mt Yarrowyck Car Park Boulders Group Effort Boulder
V7 Feisty
Mt Yarrowyck Trackside area Trackside Boulder
V7 Jingoism

Heads right from start hold

V7 Tim's Problem

Long sequence of technical moves to top (Not!)

V7 Mantle Depressant

Defiant Mantle

Mt Yarrowyck Lost world Dispossessed boulder
V7 DaSilva back gorilla

On the back side of boulder (uphill side) there is a steeper face. Stand start in the middle on lowest crimp rails and tough moves to gain big RH side pull then lip to mantle

Boulder 3m
Mt Yarrowyck Lost world Thunderbolt area
V7 The Curve Project

Crouch start and up the arete on the right side.

Boulder 4m
Mt Yarrowyck Upper Lost Access denied boulder
V7 Access Denied

Stand start on left pinch and right crimp. Desperately follow the seam up onto the slab. Grade unknown. Somewhere between V5 and V9.

FA: Michael Tonon, Sep 2018

Boulder 3m
Mt Yarrowyck The cave area Crystal Caves Boulder
V7 Crystal Caves

Awesome problem on amazing holds. Sit start on jug and climb diagonally up and right via the series of crystal pockets and crazy body contortions. An easier V4 variant sit starts with left hand in first pocket and right on a low crimp.

FA: Alan Ezzy, 30 Aug 2014

Closed Beulah Western areas Goat Dome Main Wall
24 - 28 Project

Abseil down from tree with sling at top of dome down about 15m towards dead tree. Look for 2 bolt anchor with rings beside tree on small ledge. Abseil again from anchor 20m to slab.

Route takes the orange vertical face on thin crimps to a slight bulge with incipient seam through it. Once through bulge angle eases to anchor.

No bolts are in place yet, just the anchor.

FA: Todd Free & Liam Jackson, 2008

SportProject 20m, 2
Closed Beulah Central Areas Bondi and Fox boulders
{US} V7 Flicking the bean

Through break the up thin crimps to left dyno

FA: Rhys Van Gastel, 2010

Closed Beulah Eastern areas Swamp Boulders Offering
V7 Can't Get Better Than This

Sit start low on the flake, follow flake to a tough final slope. A stand start variant can be done at V6.

FA: Gerd Deiter, 5 Apr 2012

Closed Beulah Eastern areas Rolled Quad Boulders Egg bouders
V7 Enter the Egg

FA: Nath Burns, 24 Apr 2011

Closed Beulah Eastern areas Boundary Boulders
V7 Project

Hard moves up steep ground on small holds,

BoulderProject 3m

Showing all 33 routes.

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