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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central Boulders Pseudoephedrine Boulders
V9/10 The Matt Wrigley Problem of 2004

Stand start. Hard mantle around a bulge.

FA: Matt Wrigley, 2004

Boulder 3m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge South-Western Boulders Tank Boulder
V9 Suzeranity

Tall mans start up rail, then hard long move left to link into other rail.

Boulder 5m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Northeast Boulders Northeast Group Spiderman area
V9 Rogue style
Boulder 4m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Northeast Boulders Northeast Group Fluming area
V9 Matty's Dyno

Right of The Fluming. Stand start on 2 shit edges, jump to top. Grade may be off. Sit start still a project.

FA: Matt Wrigley, 2001

Boulder 3m
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Closed Ring pull boulder
31 O'hara
Sport 4
Gara Gorge Upper Gara Gorge Central climbing areas Mad Woman's Breakfast Area
V8 - 10 Project

This boulder is 10 m down stream of Mad Woman's Breakfast.

Sitting on other boulders, there is a short roof under the boulder. From the start position, your back is to the river.

Sit start on obvious large sloping feature with your left heel by your hands. Up to a small slopey crimp, or if you like, to the very small, incut and very sharp flexing crimp. Then pull hard and throw up to rail, match then very hard mantel top out.

Boulder 2m
Cathedral Rock National Park Magic bean
V10 Magic project

Start at the Underbelly and link under through magic bean out other side.

Mt Yarrowyck Car Park Boulders Karma boulder
V9 Rama

Up left side of overhang

Boulder 4m
Mt Yarrowyck New Age area Balanced arrow
V10 Lemonade Stand

Amazing short line. Stand start on good crimps then big hard dead point to slopper, match and mantle

FA: Michael Tonon, 24 May 2018

Boulder 3m
Mt Yarrowyck Trackside area Trackside Boulder
V9 Breakfast in Las Vegas Sit Start
V10 Pinch Me

SDS from detatched flake/poor pinch and dyno to lip and top-out.

Listed as having 2 repeats in Rock Magazine #48 (2001)

FA: Fred Nicole, 2000

Mt Yarrowyck Lost world Lost boulder
V10 Lost Dyno

Right sloper, left friction, then dyno? to massive jug

Boulder 2m
Mt Yarrowyck Sharpest Mono area Sharpest mono boulder
V10 Snake eyes

Chin up on the twin mono's. A taste of 'Action Directe' in New England!

BoulderProject 1m
Closed Beulah Western areas Waterfall Dome Waterfall Boulders Big boy boulder
V8 - 10 Open project 24

From the Waterfall Dome Parking area follow the quad trail to the Dome, once you see the "Three Stooges" boulders, go uphill passing the stooges on the right for about 100m. As the hill gets steeper look to the right and you should see this boulder.

Sit start on obvious feature and head to right arete with difficulty and heel hooking. Once you get there, keep going up and left to top. Then keep your heart pumping by down climbing the 'Sickle of death project'.

BoulderProject 4m
Closed Beulah Eastern areas Rolled Quad Boulders River side sector The pit area
V9/10 Dyno project

Match on the big flake and dyno to glory


Showing all 15 routes.

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