Pilkington St Reserve

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A forgotten crag located in an old quarry, walls are mostly vertical to slab up to 8m tall. Would make for a decent afternoon of easy bouldering, with beautiful flat grassy landings and dogs allowed!


The park would make for a relaxing afternoon of easy bouldering, with beautiful flat grassy landings and expect to be approached by many a friendly dog as this is a popular dog walking spot!

Looks like a great place to bring families and introduce beginners to bouldering and top rope outdoors.

There are bolts for lead/toprope on most of the lines in the park alternatively, there are sturdy trees atop many of the walls to anchor from as well. Please check bolts before use as I have not inspected them closely myself.

Access issues

Not sure how the council feels about climbing here at the moment, so please be cautious and respectful as any climbing will be highly visible to the general public.


Located on the corner of Pilkington and Henry St


Please be respectful of the locals who also use this park.


History timeline chart

A few lines were put up in the 1980s and most of the obvious lines in the park was bolted for toprope and lead by Uni students in the early 2000s and briefely used as a training ground. Unfortunately, the walls were not particularly inspiring for roped climbing, so it since remained largely unused, though the bolts still remain.

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