North Esk

Access: Riverbend + Crystal Palace Annual Closure

Riverbend + Crystal Palace crags are situated on PRIVATE PROPERTY - and are closed annually between June 1st - October 31st for the lambing season. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Please climb elsewhere during this period so as a community we can maintain good relations with the property owner - helping to secure climbing access into the future.

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Access issues

All of the crags in the North Esk are on PRIVATE LAND. Please be respectful of this fact.

Riverbend, Crystal Palace, Lead Shed are closed between June - October each year for the lambing season. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Access to these areas could be jeopardised by climbers doing the wrong thing. Sticking to the following guidelines will help:

  1. Do not park in front of gates or access tracks. Park on the far (south) side of the gate so the owner can get ute/trailer in if she needs to. Consider parking at the bridge and walking up the road.

  2. Leave all gates as you find them. Climb first gate on the hinge end to protect the gate and use that gate for access to both Riverbend and The Crystal Palace cliffs. When you get to the second gate (for Riverbend access) open and then close it rather than climbing over it.

  3. Keep off any cultivated land by walking on edges of the fields. Stay away from all livestock. The cliffs will be closed annually between June - October for lambing season. Please climb elsewhere during this period.

  4. NO DOGS!

  5. No fires

  6. Carry out all rubbish (including finger tape)

  7. If you must answer a call of nature at the crag, follow leave no trace principles by going at least 50 m away from the rock or the river, dig a hole at least 15 cm deep, and carry out any toilet paper in ziplock bag.

  8. Leave the bluetooth speakers at home, and generally remember to behave as if you were at somebody else's house (because you are).

  9. Clean your shoes before you arrive if you have been to other farms.

Ethic inherited from Tasmania

  • The operation and use of drones by park visitors on reserved land including national parks is not permitted​.

  • Please note that Tasmania has notoriously patchy phone reception for particular service providers. Telstra is the most reliable. An emergency Personal Locator Beacon or similar is recommended kit when climbing in remote locations.

  • For more information - follow the link below for some local tips + tricks on how to better reduce your impact during your next Tassie climbing holiday

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Author(s): Gerry Narkowicz

Date: 2021

ISBN: 9780646841946

Cracks, sea stacks, big walls, remote exotic locations, volcanic columns, no crowds and your choice of the predominant dolerite, some quartzite and a little sandstone to remind you of the mainland. Many a wilderness climbing experience can be had within a 2hr car trip from the main centers. By Gerry Narkowicz. This guide features 1280 routes.

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