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Right of Cave

Council permission has been granted to climb at Bicentennial Reserve, Climbing must be done in a way which damages the features least, stay away from crumbly stuff and brush away chalk.

V2 Tree's in.

1st boulder to the right of HLC. Sit start, straight up on good(ish) trustworthy(ish) not-going-to-break-off(ish) holds. Don't touch the left side of the crack. Tree is in for the mantle. Probably V4 if you don't use the tree!

V1 Up the guts

Sit start with main starting hold. Big reach up to left. Big steps, side pulls and underclings make for a great beginner problem. Make sure you can mantle well before attempting.

V2 Who Knows?

Sit start. Main start hold, long throw to letter box above. Straight up.

V3 Bumper to Bumper

Out to the right. Main start hold, up to close left pinch, out to right finger jug, up to long slit, follow out right and bump to your hearts content.

V3 Linky Dinky

Link the start of "Stand Easy." into "bumper to bumper"

Tree's out (project)

Same as "Tree's in." Probably a V4, not using the tree during the mantle.

V3 Stand Easy

Real low sit start to the right of the main start hold, bump up and throw, stand easy. Top out using the right side of the intersecting tree.

Showing all 8 nodes.

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