Middle Tier




The Middle Tier is home to the majority of problems this crag has on offer. It provides problems to every level of boulderer so this area will certainly see the majority of chalked up activity.

Kobens Wall on The Middle Tier has been developed by a young boulderer for young boulderers so bring your kids and introduce them to the Passion Of The Chalk!

Access issues inherited from The Promised Land

Please respect the Houses as you walk into the crag. We have established a good relationship with the locals, including the teachers at the nearby school. Please continue to be a good example of the climbing community


Directions to the Middle Tier from the Top Tier.

From King Davids Overhang to Genesis: Follow the undulating track for about 20 metres past KDO. Decision Gully is now on your left.

From Purgatory to Genesis: Take the left hand track from Purgatory, turn left at the marked T-junction and lean to the right as you walk. Decision Gully is now in front of you.

From Purgatory to The Last Highball: Take the right hand track and turn right at the marked T-junction. Follow the track and turn left at the first cairn. Follow the track under the low hanging tree branch and descend to your left.

From Purgatory to Adam And Eves Boys: Take the right hand track and turn right at the marked T-junction. Follow the track and turn left at the second cairn. Follow this trail to the find the descent gully between the Cain and Able boulderers

Ethic inherited from The Promised Land

Development is still open in this area, but please make sure your new line is reasonably different to those existing. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact the main developers - Brendon Flanagan or Ranger Dave.

Please respect the crag and clean up an trash you see. Sadly teenage punks from the local school mess this place up.


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Discovered by Ranger Dave Archer in July 2013 during the Great Bouldering Boom!

The first area of the crag to be developed.


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