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In Roman Catholic doctrine, Purgatory is a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.....

err... well...In bouldering doctrine, it's the ghetto infested cave of some wayward youths.

Broken bottles, spray tags, mattress springs, you name it it's there somewhere in the layers of soil surrounding this cave.

But even in those long dammed places there are some enticing morsels for the brave.

So wear your solid approach shoes and enjoy the overhang of Purgatory!

Routes are described from Left to Right

V3 Stuck In Limbo

No one enjoys being stuck in a jam, unless of course its one using your toe

Start at the left side of the overhang with your right hand as a undercling and left as a side pull. From here place both feet on the face before you and move a hand up to the lip above. The most satisfying part of this climb comes next. Work the Toe jam to free up your other hand and then follow the lip to top out on its outer most corner

A solid problem from start to finish with several satisfying moves

Open Cave Project 1

Start deep withing the left corner of the overhang.

Without using the starting holds of "Stuck In Limbo" focus on the sideways undercling and crimps of the over hang to work your way up to the lip

Top out same as "SIL"

Intense power needed for the start

V4 The Forsaken

A satisfying inverted lip problem

With both hands matched on the big break just to the right of where the cave lip starts heading upwards, move straight to a heel hook, with the rock underneath you out of bounds

Using the lip and face holds 30cm from the lip, follow it up and left till you are around the corner.

Top out same as "Stuck In Limbo"

V4 Don't Tell Ian

Start as "The Forsaken" with hands matched on flake and one heel hooked, but finish up the groove left of the starting hold. Low band of rock is out.

V1 The Forgotten

Please respect the Houses as you walk into the crag. We have established a good relationship with the locals, including the teachers at the nearby school. Please continue to be a good example of the climbing community

V1 On A Wing And A Gaston

Start 1 right of The Forgotten

V1 Two Palms And A Kneebar

Find your way to the top of the waist high ledge. Stabilise yourself and follow it up with a top out.

V0 Stain Glass Problem

Start 2 metres right of the overhang.

Showing all 9 nodes.

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