The Great North Cliff

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A west facing crag which will be better for summer mornings or winter afternoons. The Great North Cliff is located in a shady gully which could make it cold in winter. Sections of The Great North Cliff tends to seep but this doesn't affect all the routes. This cliff line has seen very little traffic and due to this the local vegetation has started to reclaim what was once an impressive local crag. The protection for the sports routes are in excellent condition.

Access issues inherited from New South Wales and ACT

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Park at the northern end of Elouera Road in Westleigh where it dog legs and you'll see the wooden sign for The Great North Walk. Grab your gear and head on into the park where the cyclone wire fence is. Walk to the left of this enclosed area where you'll find a well defined trail. Continue along this trail for approximately 6 minutes where it meets up with the Great North Walk (there's a sign to your right). If you wish to rap in, jump the fence here to find DBBs in excellent condition. CAUTION! Set up a safety line before setting up for the rap in as the DDBs are right on the edge. Walk in access is at both the right and left hand sides of the crag. The left hand approach is the easiest. When using the left hand access make your way along the Great North Walk passing 2 individual fence lines. Continue along until you start to zig zag downhill. When you reach the stone steps cut into the side of a big boulder on your left with a little wooden 'Great North Walk" sign immediately after it you know you've reached the left side entry point. Turn to your right and follow the high rock line. The walk in from here takes approximately 2 minutes with some mild bush bashing. The bolts for Lust Object will appear on your right.


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Mixed route

FA: Adam Cavanough

Sporting Cave Following routes are located in a large cave at the northern end of the cliff. Descend from the walking trail and bush bash down the right side of the cave. Probably an area worth a visit if your looking for something new in these grades.

Furthest route to the right hand side of the cave.

FA: Barry Jones, 1986

Starts 3 meters left of 'A'. Tend right following RB's.

FA: Barry Jones, 1986

From the start of B, head right following RB's. Middle crux seeps after rain.

FA: Barry Jones, 1986

4 meters to the left of 'B'.

FA: Barry Jones, 1986

Furthest left route of the cave. Up slab, lean out to juggy arete and up.

FA: Barry Jones, 1986

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