The large boulder with routes up to 5m, encompassing some of the hardest and steepest problems.

Access issues inherited from New South Wales and ACT

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Keep heading South following the obvious track. Area Q is after the Pee Boulder and Montenegro Wall. There's one more boulder if you keep going which is Roadside.

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Grade Route

Start just right of the tree. Straight up.

FA: Rob Saunders

Sit start up jugs to the left of 'Lay Down You Arms', Then up Lay Down You Arms above it's difficulties.

Sit start on lowest jug (same as for 'l'Homme Obu'), then up left to juggy break then straight up.

FA: Rob Saunders

Sit start on lowest jug (same as for 'L'Homme Obu'), reach the juggy break and head up and right through scoop.

Mauricio Chino

FA: Dave Allen

Start as for Mann Killer but skip the crimp out right and punch straight up to the edge and finish up Arms Race.

FA: Sean Powell, 9 Aug 2015

Climb up 'Arms Race' till the break before big move right to small crimp. Cross to finger jug to finish as for 'L'Homme Left'.

Emmanuel Madayag

FA: Emmanuel Madayag, 26 Feb 2020

Sit start on lowest jug (same as for 'L'Homme Obu'). Skip the good hold on the left and instead us the triangle crimp for the RH and the glued crimp for the LH. After the break, finish up 'Lay Down Your Arms'.

FA: Dave Kellermann

Start as Mann Killer move up through the triangle pinch out right then the glued on crimp bumping up to the jug, then finish up through Arms Race.

Sit start on lowest jug (same as for 'L'Homme Obu'). hit the triangle pinch skip the glued crimp on your way to the good edge then finish up Arms Race through the scoop.

Sit start on the lowest jug (same as for 'l'Homme Obu'). Go right to sloper then straight up to the triangle shaped crimp, lunge to break and traverse across, finishing up 'Business as Usual'.

Stephen Rawls

Oliver Chen

FA: Tim O'Neill

As for Rocket Man but right hand big move and top out left.

L'Homme Obu standing start from the big break on If the Shoe Fits. Power out to the LH pocket and finish up 'Rocket Pants'.

Oliver Chen

FA: Fred Nicole

Jump to the LH pocket on L'Homme Obu/Rocket Man and mantle around the bulge.

FA: Adam Griffiths

As for L'homme Obu but big move right hand. Top out to the left.

George Li Chase Gatland

Rocket Man sit start. Start up 'If the Shoe Fits' and finish up 'Rocket Man'.

Stephen Rawls

FA: Fred Nicole

From crimps around bulge to improving holds and over.

FA: Tim O'Neill

Sit start for super reach/dyno around bulge and finish up If the glove fits.

Start: Sit

FA: James Alexander

Hard first move to lovely rounded holds and scary top-out.

Start: Sit

FA: Tim O'Neill

Same starting hold as Q7 (the jug only) but left to sharp triangular crimp and right to rounded crimp then lunge out right to finish up Q15.

Start: Sit

FA: Rob Saunders

An easy traverse line. Start matched on the ledge directly behind the tree and work your way right on the lower ledges to finish on the small hold where Arms Race and Mann Killer meet. Keep that left heel hooked as much as possible

FA: Sam Gibson

Start as of 'Killer arms' (v8) and finish up as for 'Pneuma' (v9).

First ascent

FA: John Bignold, 30 May 2020

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