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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Flotsam Area
10 Flotsam

Clean hand crack on the east side of T Shirt 'Gully' - on the orange wall right of the huge jutting roof. Abseil to small ledge to avoid the sand at its base.

FA: Bob McMillan & Ian Brown, 2000

Trad 6m
18 Amusement Value
Trad 10m
16 Wobbegong Wobbles
Trad 10m
17 Hammerhead
Trad 10m
17 Jaws II

1 Carrot bolt at the top and can use a rock further behind as another point in anchor. Wide corner crack on right.

Trad 10m
24 Batten The Hatches

1 FH and 3 rings up overhanging wall L of Cut And Thrust. Cams 0.4 to #3 useful.

Mixed trad 10m, 4
18 Cut and Thrust
Trad 10m
15 Cripple Crack
Trad 10m
12 Seafood Special

The broken cracks in the slabby wall 2m right of Cripple Crack. Sandy rock.

FA: Ivan Valenta / Jane Montgomery / Robert Dun

Trad 10m
Lemon Sorbet Area
17 Smoked Tuna

The arête of the Face De Rat wall. Rap down to a 2 carrot bolt belay on foot ledge (if you traverse right from this belay you can also climb the crack part of Psychic Aberration). Climb the arête and wall with medium cam breaks and wires. There is a belay carrot bolt at the top.

FA: Robert Dun / Ivan Valenta / Jane Montgomery

Trad 20m
16 Psychic Aberration
Trad 35m
20 Face de Rat
Trad 35m
22 Cerendipity
Trad 20m
19 Lemon Sorbet
Trad 20m
18 Chocolate Gelato

Sandy but good rock. Start on the protruding ledge at the lowest FH.

FA: Greg James

Mixed trad 12m, 2
15 Vomitorium

Good rock and protection. The second wide crack in the cliff top east of Lemon Sorbet. Start from the small ledge 12m down,

FA: Robert Dun & Paul Werry, 2009

Trad 12m
18 Captain Potato to the Rescue

Well protected. The overhanging right curving crack. Start just under the rooflet.

FA: Robert Dun & Paul Werry, 2009

Trad 12m
Bluebeard Area
18 Lithium

A pumpy little climb with outrageous exposure which is probably a bit hard for the grade.

A hard start straight off the anchors up past a range of slopy, pumpy pockets. Take a range of large cams - from #1 to #4 Camalots

FA: Greg James & Steve Burns, 1992

Trad 10m
19 Hungry Heart
Trad 42m
20 The Jaws of Death

Diagonally up and right from belay to the pod. Over block and into wideness. Easy to protect if you have big gear.

FA: Tom Williams & Ian Brown (19 M0), 1988

FFA: Robert Dun & Carl Jagusch, 2003

Trad 20m
17 Bluebeard
Trad 35m
15 Snorkel
Trad 40m
12 Sea Legs
Trad 10m
7 Lobster Legs
Trad 6m
10 Boiled Lobster
Trad 6m
7 Lobster Pot
Trad 6m
20 Peabody
Trad 8m
7 Mixed Platter
Trad 15m
The Yardarm
7 Polite Chatter

Up the open corner crack at the left hand end of the wall.

FA: Ivan Valenta & Jane Montgomery, 2003

Trad 10m
16 Ground Swell

FA: Peter Blunt & Ian Brown, 1986

Trad 20m
15 Superstar Leo
Trad 15m
16 Sympatico

FA: Ian Brown & Peter Blunt, 1987

Trad 20m
16 Sympatico Piker's Variant

Obviously easier even if the rope drag sucks.

FA: Ian Brown & Peter Blunt, 1986

Trad 20m
16 Bombs Away
Trad 35m
14 Over the Yardarm

Up to the ledge then head left to the arete and enjoy the exposure.

FA: Ian Brown & Peter Blunt, 1986

Trad 30m
14 Urban Spaceman

Up 'Dracophyllum Corner' to ledge then move left and straight up wall.

FA: Peter Blunt, Ian Brown & Ian Charles, 1986

Trad 27m
9 Dracophyllum Corner

Blast up the obvious corner past a bit of choss, loose rocks and well, some Dracophyllum plants!

FA: Ian Brown & Bob McMillan, 1987

Trad 30m
Hello Dolly Wall
20 Dry Reaching

Start at the halfway ledge between DC and CA. Climb through roof and then up the wall.

FA: Greg James & Bede Harrington

Mixed trad 30m, 3
22 Cast Adrift

in the middle of wall you rap down 5 mtrs right of over the yard arm slab, thru roof (crux) rest in middle of easier climbing on cams and bolts to a tough finish

FA: Rod Young & Carlie Happ, 1998

Trad 30m
19 Areolas Ahoy

Not a new route has been done a millenium ago ! and also a link up with no real new climbing

FA: Rene Provis, May 2015

Trad 30m
15 Aeolus

FA: Ian Brown & Peter Blunt, 1985

Trad 30m
18 Farewell Angelina
Trad 36m
17 Gasping for Breath
Trad 30m
18 Lost in Choss
Trad 30m, 2
15 Avoiding Flora

FA: Roy Fryer, Werner Steyer & Bob McMillan, 1988

Trad 25m
24 Double Digit Inflammation

Mono action near the top!

FA: Ivan Valenta & Vince Valenta

Trad 25m
17 Landlubber

FA: Peter Blunt & Ian Brown, 1986

Trad 25m
18 Midnight Oil
Trad 30m
15 Starboard Tack

Climb the 'Landlubber' crack for 7m, moving right below the small roof. Climb over or around the flake and follow the rightwards groove to the top.

Start: As for 'Landlubber'

FA: Peter Blunt & Ian Brown, 1986

Trad 30m
The Deeps Area
21 Scarier than Bronte
Trad 35m
17 Make America Great Again

Rap off the three rings to a hanging belay off 2 rings... Good gear and and 2 bolts lead to a small section of choss you can miss by moving left to another bolt over the mini roof... Cams in the horizontals to the top... Take double rack of cams and medium nuts...

FA: Rick Phillips & Jason Lammers

Mixed trad 28m, 5
18 Against the Wind
Trad 35m
16 Rohanda
  1. 25m (16)

  2. 15m (16)

FA: Peter Blunt & Ian Brown, 1985

Trad 40m, 2
19 Bushido
Trad 30m
13 Banksia Corner
Trad 40m
16 Stormfront
Trad 15m
16 The Deeps Direct Finish
Trad 21m
19 The Deeps
Trad 25m
14 Elspeth
Trad 12m
13 First Mate
Trad 12m
9 Steel City Blues
Trad 12m
16 Beebop
Trad 12m
Werner Burner Area
12 Piper Corner
Trad 30m
21 The Boo Sensation
Trad 30m
18 The Gap of Rohan

Climb the undercut nose on reasonable pro - mainly cams. At 10m from the top pro thins. Take cams to 3.5 and tricams. This was named after the movie, NOT the first assensionists.

FA: Rohan Kilham & Rob Nicol

Trad 30m
18 Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Trad 35m
18 Heat Wave

FA: Robert Dun & Werner Steyer, 2006

Mixed trad 15m, 2
15 Whistle Blower Direct Start

FA: Werner Steyer & Robert Dun, 2005

Trad 20m
15 Hornblower
Trad 40m
15 Blown Away

A more direct finish to the second pitch of 'Hornblower'. Head up the easy ramp and climb the first crack instead of the second.

FA: Ivan Valenta & Robert Dun, 2002

Trad 5m
18 Blown Horn
Trad 35m
19 Social Seamen

Start from the far right of the horn blown ledge. up corner on jugs and features with increasing steepness. One or two cams (about #1 BD) at the start then four carrots to the top.

FA: Ivan Valenta & Robert Dun, 2008

Trad 12m
18 Horn Blown
Trad 30m
14 Trumpeter

The major notch between Cannon Fodder and Horn Blown. Rap from 2 carrot bolts (bolts are to the left of the notch) to a large hidden ledge 10m down. Up the corner / chimney to the top. Good cam protection.

FA: Robert Dun / Ivan Valenta

Trad 10m
16 Cannon Fodder
Trad 40m
Gushing Blood Area
16 Give Yourself a Kiss
Trad 10m
20 Joyboys
Trad 12m
24 Split Membranes

Pumpy climbing with a mono pocket at top which Greg split his finger on the FA.

FA: Greg James & Adrian Kladnig, 1992

Mixed trad 15m, 3
21 Gushing Blood

FA: Ian Brown & Bob McMillan (19 M1), 1988

FFA: Robert Dun & Ivan Valenta, 2002

Trad 12m
15 Micron
Trad 10m
16 Smash and Grab
Trad 20m
19 Massacre at the Discotheque

Rap down to hanging belay with a bolt and cams. Up the wall on pockets and flakes.

FA: Greg James, Adrian Kladnig & Captain Smeg, 1992

Trad 20m
17 Bird of Omen
Trad 42m
16 Stan The Stingray Man
Trad 15m
16 Great White Shark
Trad 40m
15 Body Noises
Trad 30m
19 Under The Fence

Ascends the short face half a metre right of the western fence. Abseil down either side of the fence to a sloping ledge, use the abseil rope as a belay. The line goes up the flake passing a bolt at the top.

FA: Werner Steyer / Robert Dun, 2003

Trad 5m
4 Search of the Perfect Grogan

At the time the lighthouse keeper used this as his personal garbage dump.

FA: Adrian Kladnig & Greg James, 1992

Trad 7m
Bayside Lower
18 Gobbling Gannets
Trad 52m
20 Coloured Brains
Trad 50m
16 The Sea, The Sea
Trad 55m
18 Stem the Tide
Trad 50m
16 Tsunami
Trad 65m
18 Columbus
Trad 55m
15 Scouting for Boys
Trad 55m
19 Riders on the Storm
Trad 60m
16 Buccaneer
Trad 47m

Showing all 97 routes.

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