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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Closed Bombora Wall
23 Newton At The Nightclub
Trad 37m
26 Einstein At The Beach

Greg originally graded this 24. At the time he usually only needed 1-2 attempts to get a 24 so he figured that 3 attempts would be a hard 24.

It was only when Steve Monks repeated it a few months later and told Greg that it was the best 26 he's done for long time that we knew what the real grade was.

FA: Greg James & Adrian Kladnig, 1992

Trad 35m
21 Big News From Baton Rouge
Trad 35m
21 Power Lounging
Trad 30m
Closed Arch Bluffs South
22 Felching For Glory

FA: Greg James & Adrian Kladnig, 1992

Trad 35m
Closed Siren Wall
23 The Tet Offensive

FA: Greg James, Adrian Kladnig & Andy, 1994

Trad 30m

Showing all 6 routes.

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