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Access: Passchendaele Forest CLOSED

As much as it is possible to walk in- please do not climb at Passchendaele state forest for the next few months. There has been a statement of release by Hq Plantations requesting no public access. I would be absolutely devastated to see Passchendaele closed because of climbers walking in. PLEASE stay away untill the closure is lifted and do not log ascents on The Crag as it will jeopardize our credibility co-working with this company.

See warning details and discuss

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Access issues inherited from Passchendaele State Forest

HQ Plantations act as land manager for all the bouldering locations listed below. They operate as Plantation Licensee under the terms of the Forestry Act 1959, and are thus obliged to permit, but not necessarily promote, recreational access. However, climbers should understand that the primary purpose of a State Forest is timber extraction rather than recreation, and HQ Plantations have legislative authority to restrict recreational access from time to time where timber harvesting operations presents a hazard to the public. Furthermore, HQ Plantations are required to recognize all roads within the licence area as public roads. However, they have authority to temporarily restrict access for the reasons already given. Please recognize the authority of any signage that restricts access. Please obey the instructions of the Plantation Officers who patrol the area. Should you feel that any restriction is unjust or unwarranted, contact ACAQ,, and we will take up the matter for you.


Park in the clearing at the intersection of Boatfields Rd and Simmonds Lane. Walk straight to the boulders visible from the roadside.


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The arete left of Teppanyaki Proj.

The big rippled face of the main boulder, start on the lowest crimps then make your way up to the top

Start at the lowest part of the crevice and wiggle to the top.

Sit start on the good side-pull, delicately balance up to a well deserved hold. Famous for its foot holds poppping!

Stand start on small right hand crimp and a left hand side pull, pull yourself up and find almonst non existent holds to finish to the top.

Start at the lowest two good holds then blast your way up to the top.

FA: Jasmin Street

Stand start on left side pull, out to small crimps, then gain a few slopers and crystals to the top.

To the right of “Chilli Omlette”. Stand start with LH on sidepull sloper in the cheesy, water runnel, RH on non-existent “diced bacon” ripple, utilising the obvious “saucy” ledge for feet. Break a slice off, moving up and over the bulge to a gourmet top.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Jul 2021

Start on left hand slopey jug, right hand in the seam. Move right and up through the middle section through sharp slopey goodness.

Intricate movement with diminutive hand-holds and pragmatic foot-holds define this delicate face climb. Stand start with quarter pad pinch RH at face height, and high LH pocket (jump if you can’t reach). The quality granite of “The Platter” contains tiny pebbled infusions like hundreds & thousands.

Jimmy Blackhall

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Jul 2021

Stand start using the middle horizontal seam and flow up to the top

Stand start right of Scrotum Face on the arete, with the ledge for hands- and straight up the arete to a high tip, I mean top.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Jul 2021

Stand start in the middle of the face with edges and delicately balance your way up on the scrotum-face gaining a delicious finishing hold

Stand start with high LH on arete left of Scrotum Face. Follow nubbins slightly right of the arete and upwards.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Jul 2021

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