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The Bat Cave is located at S27° 41.361 E152° 50.864. From the School Road car park, walk south 1200 metres along the track to White Rock At the three-way, turn right and walk 460 metres to a step-through gate. The cave is 258 metres south of the gate at 185° magnetic in the trees past the grassy field. Best approach is to follow the motorbike track on your left after the gate then head right towards the cave through the field and trees.

Old description: "Another area, The Batcave, is situated a couple of km from the carpark. Follow the path for about 1200m until you hit a road. Walk right down the road for about 500m until an open field appears on your left. Just visable through the trees is an orange chossy wall. On the far right of this wall is a cleft opening at the base. Crawl inside this cave to discover a good selection of very steep test pieces! It is waterproof, well lit and it blocks the noise of those anoying trailbikes." - Neil Monteith

Access issues inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Be aware that there is a rare plant that calls the boulders we climb home. It is in our interest to accommodate it. More details can be found on the ACAQ web site:

Ethic inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Redbank is home to some extremely rare plants that call the top of some of our boulders home. If there are logs defining top outs please respect these and avoid trampling anything that isn't grass. For more information check out .

Be mindful of other users, don't leave rubbish or disturb any vegetation. Stick to the established tracks where possible. Do not use steel wire brushes as these will take away the holds.



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Start on two poor holds at the very bottom end of the cave. Keep body tension high and pop to an other poor hold straight above and finish on the victory jug right behind. All good holds to the right are off!

FA: Niko Eltarenko, 13 Oct 2016

Sit start underneath the right side of the cave (looking from the outside of the cave). Pull on with a cool little ironstone crimp LH and a RH sloper rail. Do some powerful moves up into the steep tube, finishing on the central juggy flake, inside the cave. The rock on the back of the cave is all out, on the ground. Think about bridging across.

FA: sam Bowman, 9 Feb 2015

Climb The Joker, at the finishing ledge stay low to continue two-thirds of the way along the Alfred crimp seam, before blasting up to the shark-tooth-shaped jug-ledge (~1m to the right of the Bane jug), then continue right to match the finish jug-ledge of Caped Crusader.

FA: Zac Horstman, 26 Apr 2021

Sit start this classic, starting on the lip on the outside of the cave, in the obvious bowl and blast your way into the cave. Keep the tension and make sure you don't dab. finish at the central big flake inside the roof. Beta video with correct starting holds/body position:

FA: sam Bowman, 9 Feb 2015

Instead of starting outside the cave as for Bane (full strength), sit start inside with a low LH sidepull pinch, a RH on the good chalky rail, and a heel hook above your head. Pull on and make some powerful moves to gain the pinches and finish as for the original.

FA: David Jefferson, 14 Jun 2020

Sit start to the right of Bane Light on two funky jugs next to the rail and a heel out right. Blast off finishing on the bucket shelf. Don’t move/shake your mats around too much because....

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Jun 2020

When inside cave start on the far right side, sit started on good holds. The caves classic climbs the cool rail and crack weakness inside the cave till the big jug shelf at the end.

FA: Not sure, 2000

The extension to Alfred, continuing left from the finish shelf all the way around the cave and back to the starting hold of Alfred.

Start as for Alfred on the chalked jug on the left side, inside of cave. Move straight up on jugs and crimps, then dyno or do some body English to reach the jug mantle under the roof.

FA: David Jefferson, 17 Jan 2020

Sit-start left on side-pull-sloper, right on sloper-rail. Lock in to negotiate through an intermediate or explode up to top.

FA: Zac Horstman, 13 Jun 2021

Sit-start matched on slopey crimp-rail, pull up left through better rail and either blast up to top or grapple with heinous intermediate on the way.

FA: Zac Horstman, 13 Jun 2021

Start half a meter to the left of Shark Repellent Bat Spray, also with the same style of start, matched on a good sloper.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, 28 Apr 2019

Start 1m to the left of Robin on good right hand hold and left heel, go straight up and slightly right.

FA: Cameron H

Start this power endurance classic on Shark Repellent Bat Spray, but instead of topping out straight up, traverse right using fingery holds on a cryptic sequence- joining into Technological Singularity to top out.

FA: David Jefferson, 17 Jan 2020

Sit start under the obvious scoop in the middle of the cave's lip then blast up the the wall to top out.

Start on crimp rail above Robin. Dyno to V1 jug and top out

Liam Sutcliffe

FA: Liam Sutcliffe, 18 Apr 2021

On the outside face of the cave, next to a orange water streak, begin stand-started with two smallish crimps. Weight your foot and statically pull on (jumping to the jug from the crimps without statically pulling on is a v1). The topout is abit poopy with a large plant living there.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, 28 Apr 2019

Sit start right side of the cave on the outside. Follow a slopping rail and do some unequivocally burly moves into Technological Singularity. Futuristic and double digit hard

Set: Jimmy Blackhall, Apr 2019

Start crouched on rock shelf at the far right side, outside of the cave, with the left hand on a small ironstone crimp and the right in a two finger pocket. Make a long reach to gain good holds on the face, then a couple more long reaches, following the crack to top out as for Technological Singularity.

FA: David Jefferson, 17 Jan 2020

Start as for Gotham Easter Eggs but trend right and straight up to a easy mantel.

FA: Jimmy Blackhall, Apr 2020


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