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The obvious main wall, located about 100m past the warm-up slabs. This includes the Dejableau boulder, a small slab just before the main wall and the Mach 3 boulder, a small slab to the right of the main wall.

Access issues inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Be aware that there is a rare plant that calls the boulders we climb home. It is in our interest to accommodate it. More details can be found on the ACAQ web site:

Ethic inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Redbank is home to some extremely rare plants that call the top of some of our boulders home. If there are logs defining top outs please respect these and avoid trampling anything that isn't grass. For more information check out .

Be mindful of other users, don't leave rubbish or disturb any vegetation. Stick to the established tracks where possible. Do not use steel wire brushes as these will take away the holds.


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Grade Route

First blank slab you encounter before the main wall.

Start both hands in obvious bowl on left hand side of slab. Finish straight up.

FA: Glen Eaton, 2011

Stand-Start as BOD (RH in bowl) except LH down low on good hold (side pull) and left foot on wall. Straight up then traversing right on small edges. The whole lip left off the little shrub is out. Finish on jugs under the rock stack, highest point of boulder (the same finish as The non-friction section)

FA: Jimmy Blackhall & Michael C, Jun 2020

Blank slab starting of the right side of the boulder (standing on rock) heading left to finish above 'Bowl of Doom'. It is important that you weight the wall as statically as possible. Jumping or hopping off the ground definitely changes the grade.

FA: Daniel Gordon, 2012

Start the same as Dejableau but head up and finish on the right side of the boulder. It is important that you weight the wall as statically as possible. Jumping or hopping off the ground definitely changes the grade.

FA: Elizabeth Cuskelly & Patrick Banda, 21 Jul 2013

Right side arete on back of dejableau boulder. Start standing with arete and mono.

FFA: Tara Davidson, 21 Jul 2013

Small slab behind the Dejableau boulder and right of the main wall.

Starting with the left side pull up to the rail, mantle finish.

FA: Neil Jenman, 29 Aug 2015

Jump to slopey rail and mantle. A stretch beforehand is advised.

FFA: Daniel Gordon, 2012

Longer version of Redbank Gillete Mach 3 that traverses further up the lip.

Grab the lip, find the good sloper and mantle.

FFA: Blair Campbell, 2012

Start up left hand hueco and finish straight up for an easy but committing problem.

FFA: Johnny Schwartz, 21 Jul 2013

Start up right hand hueco and head straight up for a commiting finish, spotters required.

FA: Cal, 23 Jul 2015

Start in huge hueco then head right into seam and finish straight up.

FA: Sam Bowman, Oct 2013

Start as for remember to forget, then bust left from slopey pocket to finish up the Barn Owl. Still a project

The middle/left line on Superhard wall from the big slopey pocket straight up. The tiny crux crimp has been broken since its original ascent by Oliver Miller. Has now been resent by Sam Bowman in it's new harder state.

The thin gaston before the big move broke 26/06/22. Definitely has kicked up a notch.

FA: Oliver Miller, 2011

FA: May 2014

Start in obvious low pocket, head up and right past sloper and finish just left of times up.

FFA: Sam bowman, 24 Apr 2015

One of the hardest problem's in Queensland. This is the amazing line in the middle of the wall.

FA: Paul Robinson, 15 Jul 2013

Start as for times up but head straight up via huge dyno

Start at low break, then up to slopey rail, huck to gaston pocket over lip and finish as for 'Sasquatch'.

FA: Oct 2020

Stand-start as for “Glen's V4” heading to the ball/pinch, then traverse left, across the arch- blasting up to a line of ming’in slopes. Finish up left with a high spicy mantle. The holds after the ball/pinch on Glen’s V4 are not in.

FA: Sam Bowman, 26 Jul 2013

Straight up obvious groove, kinda scary, kinda funky but real good.

Jimmy Blackhall

FFA: Glen Eaton, 2011

Start as for Glen's V4 then traverse right on slopers and crimps and mantle out.

FFA: Alex Turnbull, 21 Jul 2013

Mantle big triangular sloper.

FFA: Glen Eaton, 2011

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