The native home of the Tusken raiders (or Sand people). Hosts a collection of exceptional steep boulder problems, in the fashion of the Redbank area, a relatively sandy setting.

Access issues inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Be aware that there is a rare plant that calls the boulders we climb home. It is in our interest to accommodate it. More details can be found on the ACAQ web site:


From the SuperHard to find main wall, head directly left (when facing the wall) for about 200 m until you come across a short cliff band. Head right along this until you reach the main caves.

Ethic inherited from White Rock Conservation Area

Redbank is home to some extremely rare plants that call the top of some of our boulders home. If there are logs defining top outs please respect these and avoid trampling anything that isn't grass. For more information check out .

Be mindful of other users, don't leave rubbish or disturb any vegetation. Stick to the established tracks where possible. Do not use steel wire brushes as these will take away the holds.



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Grade Route

Starts on large jug on far right of cave, follow big features straight up to finish on ledge halfway up wall. The grade is for the descent.

FA: Blake Stringer, Jun 2014

Sit start on the jug of You're Too Old To Be A Jedi. Traverse left onto slopers then up one level to the shelf above. Continuing traversing left until you join Horned Banthas half way up. Finish on final hold of Horned Banthas. Will update with a better topo next time.

FA: Jack Mullaly, 17 Aug 2021

Start on good flake at the Start of the Crack in the wall, straight up past crack line to horn finishing on jug just above.

FA: Reagen Tieleman, 2 Aug 2018

Start at base of flake at the back of cave, follow flake upwards to finish at end of flake.

FA: Alex Turnbull, Aug 2013

Start at base of flake (same start as TIE Fighter) at the back of the cave, traverse left along flakes to finish at big jug on arete.

FA: James Douglas, Aug 2013

Start on the Gravel Pit jug, traverse right past the Thai Hooker flake, then continue right moving slightly up on jugs and pockets for hands, heel hooks and toe cams for feet. Then climb Horned Banthas to its finishing jug. With this many moves, it would be more appropriately graded 24.

FA: David Jefferson, 13 Sep 2019

An extension to Gravel Pit, keep climbing as to top out on A Mystery Unravel It, just before the lip travers right finish on the big jug

FA: Matt ryan, 6 Feb 2022

Start on jug at bottom left of cave, traverse right then up on thin face holds, before powerful move to gain big finishing jug.

FA: Daniel Gordon, Aug 2013

Climb Gravel Pit, then climb directly left into Jabbas jug. Much better movement than Star Jug Destroyer.

Set: Josh, 29 Aug 2019

Extension to gravel pit, up the corner to top out. A bit poopy.

FA: Sam Bowman, Aug 2013

Starts same as Gravel Pit, except head right and finish as for Thai Hooker

FA: Elizabeth Cuskelly, Aug 2013

Start below jabba the sluts jug, then head right on poor holds to finish at Gravel Pit jug. A higher harder version of Gravel Pit. Even if you want to use jabbas jug it's still hard.

FA: Phil Beattie, Aug 2013

start on the big sloper rail as for star jug, up to the good rail then left into the undercling, pull through some side pulls to the mega jug then up and right for a few moves to a jug finish. Direct version of Star Jug (don't use the bucket jugs on the far left).

FA: Oliver Henderson, 25 Sep 2020

The very obvious and scary looking rounded arete that splits the crag in two. Have fun and be safe. Serious poo territory.

Changed with First Ascentionist permission.

FA: Sam bowman, 16 Feb 2015

Super committing line on the slab just to the right of the main cave. High with the crux at the top-out. Not the hardest line in the cave definitely the most serious. Prep really well for this problem. Skull n cross bones with poop everywhere.

FA: Sam Bowman, Aug 2013

Start on the big pocket near the arete, just out of the cave. Blast up high to the lip on some cool powerful moves. A mighty huge commiting throw guards this beast. Bring a fresh pair of undies for the top. Rap inspecting the mantle may be a good idea.

FFA: sam bowman, 13 Feb 2015

Start as TATJYALF but blast right into Sebulba. Save some gas in the tank for the crux mantle!

Start on big flake right of Tuscan Raider, big move then head left and up to finish as for Tuscan Raider.

FA: Sam Bowman, Aug 2013

Start on the Juggy flake between TATJYLF and Tusken Raider. Pull out a long way to a jug left of the giant flake jug before crossing to it. Super classic problem by HB.

FFA: Harry Bowman, 24 Mar 2015

Links the start of "These aren't the jugs you are looking for" into the crux of Tuscan Raider - slightly easier than TR.

FA: Sam Bowman, Aug 2013

Start on big undercling, head straight out through roof on some small holds. Finish with a real mantle. Powerful, techy, steep and poopy - it's got it all.

FA: Sam Bowman, Aug 2013

Rad sit-start on block under roof to small undercling, then punch to to cool looking flake. Sooo bloody awesome and burly. Make sure you have a fair few pads.

Used to be the Jango fett project, but our authenticity checks clarified that Jango was never actually on tatooine we think. Unless he went there on a holiday at some point, but seriously who would go to mos eisley for a holiday, so it's kind of unlikely.

FFA: Sam Bowman, 13 Mar 2015

Climb the obvious fridge feature. deep from in the cave. Slap side to side and try and work out the wacky puzzle at the lip. Don't get swallowed up by the giant monster!!

FA: sam bowman, Oct 2015

...there is no try. Start in cave to the right of Obi Wan's Revenge. Right hand meat hook jug, left hand on top of flake jug. Huge low feet and heel hooks see you moving up and left on large crossover moves to the obvious gaping mouth sloper on the face. From here move delicately up and slightly right on positive sloping pockets to a long reach left to a good crimp, then another move left to small jug below roof. Finish with a committing overhanging mantle.

Stand start at the base of scoop, straight up and mantle lip.

FFA: Harry Bowman, Feb 2015

Staring at the tree to the left of Obi-wans Revenge. Easy start from a scoop to a commiting sloping mantle topout

FFA: Neil Jenman, 10 Jun 2016


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