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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Dry Creek Bee Sting Wall
V3 The Labourer

Sit start with hands on slopers. Head slightly right through slopers and mantle out.

FA: Karsten, 27 Mar 2016

Boulder 2m
23 Drill Scar Sport
V3 Sun Dried Gecko

A popular traverse. Starting either on the left or right hand side of the wall traverse the wall until the end.

Dry Creek Sorry Andrea Wall
22 Sorry Man

An extension of Sorry Andrea. Climb Sorry Andrea and finish as for Camera Man.

Sport 15m
23 Bird Cage

3m right of Creeks Roof directly up the arête. Finish at chains on right.

Sport 12m
V3 The Gaston

Start a couple of metres right of 'Slide Off'. Head up thin vertical seam and top out. Very reachy!

Boulder 5m
V3 Pretty in Pink

Start holds of Pink Face then dyno to the grey jug line halfway up that problem.

Note the Pink Face starting jug has since broken - still doable from a lower hold, but likely more difficult

FA: Redanon

V3 Rosa Left

Sit start with left hand on small chip and right hand on side pull. Veer slightly left then up.

Boulder 3m
V3 Rosa Right

Sit start with left hand on small chip and right hand on side pull. Veer slightly right and up.

Boulder 3m
Death Star Rogue Squadron
23 Trench Run

Central line of this wall. Start off slopey features to gain the big sidepull then up the weakness to mantle onto the mid-height slab, then climb the short wall above to anchor.

FA: Paul Kinnane, 2012

Sport 12m, 3
22 Jabba

Boulder problem start past 1st BR (stick clip) leads to break, then 2nd BR on slab (tricky to see from the ground). Mantle slab and trend left into the finish of Trench Run (same lower off).

FA: Paul Kinnane, 2012

Sport 12m, 3
Morialta The Lost Walls
22 Fighter Jock Heaven
Trad 11m
22 The Outside of the Envelope
Trad 13m
23 Witch Hunt

Follow the line of bolts up the middle of the black wall left of the loose blocky corner. A technical mid section!

Sport 15m, 5
Morialta Thorn Buttress
23 Breathless
22 Gladiator Direct Start

Takes the poor-looking rock immediately left of the marked Olympus start, joining the upper corner via a reachy and powerful sequence. Was the original line until the loss of some holds.

FA: Col Reece

Trad 20m
22 Sardine

Starts just left of the 'Terrathea' corner and climbs up to the big sidepull sloper and two good edges. Clip the next bolt and launch out left (crux) to a big crank level with the small roof (rest). Cut back right - then left - until below the final face (rest). Continue to the chain. This route can also be done by going direct through the roof (at the same grade).

Sport 21m, 6
22 Sardine Direct
22 Terra Incognita

Climb the reachy boulder-problem off the deck just right of the Terrethea crackline via a big move to the dubious flat jug. Continue up to the 'shield' (which is living on borrowed time) - then onwards up the face.

FA: Stuart Williams, 1995

Sport 20m
22 Incognita-Japetus DF Link
23 Japetus

The original route. Now superseded by the direct finish.

Start: Takes the very overhanging arete from its base up to the 'hole', then tacts right around the steep arete and up to the big break via a good undercling. This original line then stepped left and finished up the 'Terra Incognita' face.

FA: Kim Carrigan (all on trad), 1979

23 Japetus Direct Finish

Originally established as a bold traditional outing by Kim Carrigan. Now retro-bolted with general consensus due to it residing in a largely sport-route populated area. Not surprisingly, it has now become one of the most travelled lines for its grade at 'Morialta'. Makes for a far better outing than the original. Once at the big break, climb straight up the continuation of the arete largely on its right border to finish at a chain.

FA: Kim Carrigan (all on trad), 1981

23 Japetus-Stench Connection

A more powerful version of 'Japetus'. Once at the large break, cut right up the rampline of 'Stench' and finish at that routes chain. Sustained.

FA: Stuart Williams & Robert Knott, 1995

Sport 20m
23 Japetus Right Hand

FA: Finish up black streak right of last bolt

22 Hyperion

Begin at the Overhung Corner / Protruding Buttress right of Stench Before the Storm's face. Continue up the wall on good holds.

FA: Colin Reece (Aid 14 M4), 1972

FFA: Kimm Carrigan & Gary Scott, 1979

Sport 19m, 3
Morialta Far Crag
23 Pizazz

The face on the left of the 'Barad Dur' wall, avoiding the corner. Climb on crimps following the line of bolts up the face.

Start: You can begin as for 'Barad Dur' or from directly below the route proper.

Mixed trad 21m, 4
22 Barad Dur

Swing up the steep juggy wall immediately left of Eternal Damnation's undercut arete past a big rattly block to a ledge. Step right and go up to the roof. Now make a cramped step back left past a bolt onto an undercut wall to reach the base of the crack. Straight up the crack.

FA: Stuart Fishwick & Richard Horn, 1970

Mixed trad 20m, 1
23 Eternal Damnation
Trad 18m
22 Cioch

Start: Climb the orange rock just left of Arev. Grab a poor rest below the roof, pull around this on the left to gain a crack in the head wall.

Trad 14m
23 X Bung Direct

The central crack. The first (aided) route up the wall took 16 years before it went free.

FA: Richard Horn & Stuart Fishwick (A3), 1968

FFA: Most likely Mike Law-Smith, 1984

Trad 13m
23 Illequipt Left Side

The black streak L of Illequipt, using that route for protection only.

Trad 14m
22 Legato Fae

The wall left of Asgard. Not allowed to use Asgard's holds.

FA: Tony Barker & Paul Gray

Trad 14m
Morialta The Throne Room
22 Cut Loose
22 Geronimo's Volkswagen DS
Morialta The Boulder Bridge
22 R Palm Oil
Mixed trad 17m, 1
22 Living on the Ceiling Direct Finish
22 Yuppies in the Gym
Trad 63m
Morialta The Billiard Table
22 Hurricane Higgins
Trad 15m
22 Vibration Control and Heat Transfer
22 Potluck
23 Potluck DF
23 Paterson's Curse
Trad 18m
22 Anatexis
22 Pot Black

FA: TR Nyrie Dood & Led Tony Barker

Trad 18m
22 Resisting a Rest
Sport 19m
Morialta The Buttress
22 Gorilla My Dreams Super Direct

Climb 'Gorilla My Dreams Direct Start' to the top horizontal (finger-jug), but instead of breaking left to finish up the crack, go directly straight up via the hanging flake/sidepull.

FA: Ascends the hanging flake to the right of the original crack finish

Sport 15m, 3
23 Gorilla My Nightmare

Climb 'Gorilla My Dreams Direct Start' to the top horizontal (finger-jug), but instead of breaking left to finish up the crack, break right along the horizontal for a couple of moves, then launch upwards via underclings and a good crimp to the next horizontal. Get a brief shake, then perform a very bouldery finish via another undercling to topout.

FA: Steve Kelly

Trad 18m
Morialta The Outcrops
22 Om Mane Padre Om
Trad 12m
Morialta Milestone Buttress
23 Cheap Drills
Trad 12m
Morialta Closed Giant's Cave
V3 Sith Lord
V3 Far Right Roof
Norton Summit The Cave
23 Uptown Eugene RHV
Trad 20m
23 Little Rundle Street

The line 2m left of 'Trundle down rundle' - 5 bolts

FFA: Adam Gower, 22 Jan 2012

Sport 20m, 5
23 Anzac Highway Amble

Up 4 bolts Lt of Grurper direct. Then traverse up and Lt past 2 more bolts to chains. DBB

FA: Tony Barker, 2000

Sport 25m, 7
22 Grurper DS

Start: Left of 'Crossroads'

Straight up to the exciting move onto the big ledge. 3 bolts to rap station. NB: The original Grurper starts near North Terrace Stroll and gains the big ledge from the R.

Sport 10m, 3
23 Evolution of a Wine Glass

Crossroads then diagonally right into KPDM then traverse the lip of the small roof to join Peregrine at its anchor.

23 Peregrine Pitch Two

Bear up R, then through a roof and up the wall to a DBB.

The original Peregrine 17M5 had 5 pitches but climbing above the 2nd pitch is off limits.

FA: Stuart Fishwick, Richard Horn & Doug McLean, 1970

FFA: Kim Carrigan, Jon Chester & Greg Moore, 1979

Trad 14m
23 Brotherhood of the Black Chicken

An eliminate! Takes a contrived lefthand version of 'Peregrine' past an additional fixed hanger. Finish at the loweroff of PRHV.

Sport 7m
23 Peregrine RHV

The most fallen off crux move at the Summit. Takes the easy juggy start below the 1st ring bolt to a big move for a well-chalked crimp/slope - and a reach out left to a jug. Finish up on the slab.

Sport 9m, 3
23 Eddie-Peregrine

Been done ages ago but not recorded on this site. Up Eddie until it reaches out left within a move of Peregrine then finish up that route.

22 Trout Fishing in America
23 Endive
Norton Summit The Cave Cave Bouldering
V3 Crystal Undercling
V3 The Iron Cross
V3 Peregrine LH Footless

Footless to the 2nd bolt

V3 Peregrine Circuit

Peregrine RHV to after crux then downclimb Peregrine LHV and back to start. Slightly harder in reverse.

Norton Summit The Hole
V3 Match Maker

Start with 2 finger pockets, LH move to small ledge, then RH to 1finger pocket, match on slope ledge, jug to finish.

Boulder 2m
Norton Summit The Bachelor Pad
23 Bachelor Blend

Start up "Fat Neck" to the first bolt, continue out through the roof.

FA: Simon Wilson & Stuart Williams, 1995

Sport 14m, 3
V3 The Fish

Same start as Fat Neck. Head slightly left and up into underclings, then follow jugs (and the bolts), jumping off when you get scared. The high chalked jug is the generally accepted finishing hold.

Boulder 4m
V3 Catch Mahi

Same start as Fat Neck, but directly right into large undercling, then to LH sloper and better RH sloper holds. Up and left through more underclings/sidepulls to good, round jug hold up under big roof.

Boulder 3m
V3 Faith

Crouching start under KMWISF going LH into undercling, RH into gaston press with thumb catch, then ‘faith move’ to LH nubbin crimp of KMWISF (employ a good spotter). R to big scoop jug, then dyno for big jug under roof.

Boulder 3m
V3 The Ballroom Slap

Stand start holding the pinch of Aftertaste Low Traverse and the finish jug of SGF. Dyno RH to a sloping jug in the top break.

FA: Steve Kelly

Boulder 3m
V3 Snowball

Starts at far right-hand end of cliff line on left side of scoop/shallow cave (questionable rock) finish up slopers on right.

Boulder 4m
Slapes Gully
22 The Fatted Calf Trad 11m
22 A Wing and a Prayer Trad 15m
23 Slapes and Shrieks Trad 14m
Cleland Elephant Rock
23 The Desperado
Trad 10m
22 Shooting From the Lip
Trad 11m
Cleland Bandicoot Buttress
23 Golden Boy

Bolted line few metres left of 'Echidna Believe It', starting up wall/arête and finishing on DBB

FA: Mark Witham & Chris Oerman, Mar 2015

Sport 14m, 5
Glen Osmond The Oasis
22 Trish Delish

A varied route that takes a striking line. Begin at the hand crack just right of the arete. A hard start over a small roof leads to good crack climbing and a rest on the L arete level with the main roofline. Swing around R to regain the crack and follow it up the slab past a bush. Climb the ramp up L then straight up the wall just R of the arete.

Quoted from Nick Neagles guide.

FA: Nick Neagle & Paul Francis, 1989

Trad 22m
Belair Car Crash Quarry Sector 1 - Left
23 Old School Face Slap

The often looked at but overlooked section of rock on the left hand side of the quarry to the left of Urban Decay. Starts on the left hand side of the overhang in the corner. Climb the corner to a good stance under the overhang. Head out and up the face to the chains.

FA: thestig, 2017

Sport 15m, 2
22 Urban Decay Trad 15m
23 Smearing on Mt McKinley

climbs the arête on smears to the over sized anchors. A technical piece.

Sport 10m, 3
Belair Car Crash Quarry Sector 2 - Central
22 No Man's Land

Difficult Mantle move

Sport 12m, 3
Belair Car Crash Quarry Sector 3 - Right
23 Bad Taste Sport 12m
23 Taste the Pain

Fresh bolts will hopefully breath life back into this fantastic little gem! Starts a couple of meters left of the main wall and to the right of Felch Me. Head up following the bolts to the overhang. Once over the overhang use the slab and the corner to reach the chains. Old chains are still there for prosperity.

Sport 14m, 5
22 X The Power of the Choss Compels You

Climbs the left hand side of the corner. Start up the very loose brittle white rock and work through the detached blocks. Once at the overhang get some jams above your head and work your way into the top of 'Taste The Pain'. Finish at the old rusty chains for the full experience. WARNING The first half is extremely loose. Make sure your belayer is anchored well left of the fall zone!

FA: pamelalansbury, 16 Jul

22 X Disposable Rubbish

Neagle entered this route in his guide as a bit of a joke on the chossy corner to the left of ELV. 24 years later it's officially a route. Start as for 'The Power of the Choss Compels You', climb the LH side of the corner and just before the roof leave it and head towards the thin crack in the roof. Climb up and out of the slight overhang, mantle the slab and climb it to the top. No chains yet but they will be installed in the next few weeks.

The rock is shit. The gear is shit. Only climb it if you really feel the need to and even then don't do it. Climb another route instead. A serious undertaking with serious consequences if you fall!

FA: pamelalansbury, 23 Jul

Belair Car Crash Quarry Sector 4 - Graffiti Wall
22 The Electric Lavender Vacuum Cleaner LHV

Start slighty left of the original on two small edge side pulls and head directly up on small holds to ledge at mid point. Finish up original line. First bolt cannot be reached so it's a high-ball to the second bolt.

Sport 8m, 1
22 The Electric Lavender Vacuum Cleaner

Overgraded at 23, careful clipping 2nd bolt (groundfall potential)

Sport 8m, 2
22 ELV Sit Start

Sit start with LH gaston edge and higher RH sidepull. Make three moves to gain good gaston of original. Take it to the top!

Sport 7m
22 Footswitch

ELV to its 2nd bolt then veer hard right, gain the staircase, rest for a year or two, then into RO clipping its 2nd bolt. Finish as for RO direct.

FA: Steve Kelly, 20 Oct 2014

Sport 3
23 Beg For Mercy

Originally established at 24 via the RO start (the start of Merciless), but a better route starting up PO making it a grade easier. Climb the first two BR's of Percetive Orators then head right across the good jug on AGW and clip the bolt out right on Elephantiasis. Span right to a positive sidepull then keep traversing right into Gonads RHV. Climb the last two BR's of this route and finish at the chain of Mercy Street.

FA: Justin Taylor; Mick Wells; Bill O'Connor

Sport 10m, 6
23 PO RO

Start up PO then break left into RO after the first bolt and finish up this. Another link.

Sport 8m
22 Perceptive Orators

Was 22 then hold breakage upped grade to 23. In 2011 the flake came off resulting in a large sidepull. Two other holds have been created over the years (due to hold breakage) and it's likely that this route is now 19 or 20 given its current (2020) state.

Sport 8m, 3
22 Perceptive Elephant

Up Perceptive Orators to the break, then right across the break and into Elephantiasis of the G. A good link. Can also be started as for AGW.

Sport 8m
23 Advertiser Ground Fall Watch

Rarely done. Takes line right of PO through underclings to scar (horizontal) - then up to independent chain shared with Elephantiasis.

Sport 8m, 3
23 Gonad Orator

Up Elephantiasis to 2nd bolt then left into PO and finish up this.

23 Begging for Gonads

Start as for Gonads clipping the second of that route, then bust right and continue as for Beg for Mercy

23 Elephantiasis of the Gonads

A hard crimpy start leads into easier climbing above.

Sport 8m, 3

Showing 1 - 100 out of 184 routes.

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