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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Southern Crags Ultra Mega Mega Block
23 Madam Lash
Trad 20m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Checkers Wall
22 Feeding Frenzy
Trad 100m
23 Psycho Killer
Trad 50m
22 Sienna
Trad 120m
22 Man
Trad 15m
23 Private Currant
Trad 30m
22 Medici
Trad 110m
22 Marathon Runner
Trad 36m
22 Family Holiday
Trad 83m
22 Desolation Angels
Trad 90m
22 Desolation Angels Variant Start
Trad 20m
23 Beefcake

FA: Rob Baker

Trad 50m
23 Lost in Space
Trad 40m
22 The Alchemist
Trad 35m
23 Pre Dug Hole
Trad 30m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Southern Descent Gully - Right Side
22 Fat Black Cockroach
Trad 25m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Flying Buttress
23 Loaded Bowel

The left line on the buttress left of the Flying Buttress. Start about 15 left of Flying Buttress. Up past 2 bolts then right to break (2 camalot) and through roof and corner to finish up slab.6 bolts and rap chains (40m to ground).

FFA: Rob Baker & Steve Pollard, 2002

FA: Rob Baker & Steve Pollard, 2002

Mixed trad 25m, 2
23 Birds of a Feather
Trad 30m
22 Swooping Pterodactyls

Start's right of "birdbrain's" corner. (1) straight up passing 4 bolts through bulges to a stance under roof , left through roof crack and up to dbb (chains).(2) 30m 20 ,through roof past 2 bolt's then head for big ramp past 3 more bolts ,belay at top of ramp on bollard. (3) 20m 20 Up steep scoops past 2 bolts, onto ledge up ramp and headwall various sling threads, DBB on ledge. (50m rap to chains on pitch 1 possible)

FFA: 2001

FA: David Bowen & John Marshall, 2002

Mixed trad 75m, 3, 11
22 Swooping Pterodactyls 1st pitch

FA: David Bowen & John Marshall Alt

Trad 25m
23 M1 Birdbrain
Aid 100m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Jaffle Wall
22 Hold Tight

FA: Peter Daish, 2000

Trad 50m
21/22 Toxic Shock

Cliimb through roof and slightly right leaning crack line. Decent can be via Cup Cake rap chains.

Trad 27m
22 Exciting New Menu
Trad 15m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie The Ramparts
22 Expiry Date
Trad 55m
22 Remnant
Trad 120m
22 Nemesis
Trad 130m
23 Nemesis Variant Finish
Trad 49m
23 Kunua
Trad 20m
22 Repertoire
Trad 30m
23 Jenny Craig Moonarie Summer Camp, Activity One; The Endless Pitch

The true FA reckons its a laugh that the FA details merely reflect who wrote the guidebook.

FA: "Stuart Williams & Jared McCulloch", 1992

Trad 50m
22 Phoenix
Trad 110m
23 Goblin Mischief
Trad 50m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Callitris Corner
23 M0 Final Call
Aid 27m
22 Small-time Politics
Trad 20m
22 Be Stiff
Trad 30m
22 Back Burner
Trad 18m
23 Be There or Be Square
Trad 50m
23 Grope Session

You could make this route more sustained by stepping left at the big horizontal to finish up Metal Storm.

Trad 40m
22 metal storm

If you're not up to doing the crux first pitch of Grope Session, you could use Metal Storm as a grade 17 approach to the good looking grade 19 second pitch of Grope Session.

FA: rob baker

Flinders Ranges Moonarie Great Wall Area
22 Rats Tooth Start
Trad 20m
22 Eat or Die

FA: Rob Baker & James Falconer

Sport 45m
23 Upstairs Downstairs
23 Against the Wind
Trad 45m
23 Infirmity
Trad 45m
22 Dry Land

Bring a double set of RP's

Trad 45m
22 Icy Calm
Trad 34m
23 Limited Action
Trad 50m
22 Only Child
Trad 30m
22 Devil's Advocate

FA: James Falconer, Rob Baker & Benny Carrick, 2004

Trad 50m
23 Bowl Me Over
Trad 20m
23 Arapiles Crack
Trad 50m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Northern Group
23 Throw a Six
Trad 50m
23 Into the Black
Trad 60m
22 Pump it or Lump it
Trad 25m
23 Let's Play it Safe
Trad 25m
23 Stomach Pump
Trad 25m
22 Ik
Trad 40m
22 Left Idle

Square cut arête. Two alternate starts, traversing in from the left or just right of the arête. Up past four spaced bolts and a modicum of gear. Single bolt lower-off or continue easily to top.

Mixed trad 25m, 4
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Crag X
23 Pom's Folly
Trad 20m
23 Flake of Fear

FA: Steve Pollard

Trad 20m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Lower Tiers Frannys Point
23 Refugee
Trad 35m
23 Forty Bastards
Trad 20m
22 Big Kahuna Burger
Trad 20m
22 Vivaldi
Trad 25m
22 Thor Ring
Trad 20m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Lower Tiers Goat Crag
22 LSD
Trad 20m
23 Capriole
Trad 15m
23 Go at It
Trad 12m
22 Caught Kidnapping
Trad 20m
23 Finger Lickin' Goat
Trad 20m
23 Bone of Space
Trad 20m
23 Goatenberg
Trad 12m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Lower Tiers Heller
22 Catch 22
Trad 10m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Lower Tiers Wave Wall
23 White Pointer
Trad 25m
Flinders Ranges Moonarie Lower Tiers Woodwind Wall
23 Pining Away
Trad 18m
23 Scoresby Finds an Odd Thong
Trad 20m
22 Triumph of Youth
Trad 15m
22 The Clarinets are Coming
Trad 15m
23 Instrumentation
Trad 15m
22 Phallic Cymbal
Trad 15m
22 Penis Envy
Trad 20m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff Moonlight Buttress
22 Bad Moon Rising

Direct line 2m L of Red Dwarf, just R of center of red wall. Finish L of block.

FA: Tim Macartney-Snape & Michael Hillan

Trad 16m
23 Red Dwarf

Direct line on red wall 3m L of EOTH. Finish to the L of the summit block.

FA: Michael Hillan & Tim Macartney-Snape, 2008

Trad 18m
22 Getting Sirius

Up the crack L of the arête for 3m, then around the arête and climb the face near the thin crack. Hard to place wires and cams. Double ropes.

FA: Colin Reece & Nick Wigg

Trad 17m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side South East Upper Tier Stomtrooper Sector
22 Cold War Arms Race

Follows the obvious left trending crack on the face 10m right of Calmer Suture.

Rise up and assume a difficult stance. Once gained, turn hard left and persist despite increasing difficulty. When you’re as left as possible, drive head-on into the inevitable struggle. Enjoy a period of relative calm before the final difficulty creates some internal battles.

FA: Ed Heddle & Adam Clay, 29 Sep 2019

Trad 25m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side South East Upper Tier Jabba Sector
23 Jabba

Start at Jabba’s feet and ooze through the rolls, reach out to the white fingers on the right of the roof then follow the arête and cracks above.

FFA: Tim Smith & Adam Clay, 18 May 2013

Trad 20m
22 The Sith

If you do one route here make it this one! Immortal. Through the middle of the overhanging face with a bit of everything. Sting in the tail at the final seam.

FFA: Jack Mattinson & Tim Smith, 18 May 2013

Trad 18m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side South East Upper Tier PatO Sector
22 Exploding Galaxies

Stellar climbing with an audacious move up the arete to the hanging corner above. Start as per Talon in the chimney then break left to the obvious white jug. Place your gear then head out to the arete. Hidden key placement left of the arete (#3 stopper) in small crack. Immortal.

FFA: Tim Smith, Garth Wimbush & Adam Clay, May 2017

Trad 20m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side South East Upper Tier The Corners
23 Heart of Stone

Up the hand crack, over the heart shaped block, take a breath on the ledge, then launch up the thin seam to the top.

FA: Garth Wimbush & Jack Mattinson, 19 May 2013

TradProject 18m
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff The Dark Side Backstage Area Yin Yang Wall
23 Yin Yang

Up the middle of the wall. The difficulties come early on. The first pitch was ended on the large ledge halfway up the wall on the first ascent.

FA: Tim Smith & Adam Clay, 2016

Trad 50m, 2
Flinders Ranges Rawnsley Bluff Moralana Wall
22 Pale Rider
Unknown 20m
Flinders Ranges Buckaringa Central Gully
22 A Definite Possibility DF
Flinders Ranges Buckaringa Piton Wall
23 Nun's in Black Leather
Unknown 27m
Flinders Ranges The Knobs Golden Knob
V3 I'll Scratch Your Back

Sit start on the undercling at right side of boulder, head up through a series of slopers and directly through the tree

FA: Ben Dickson, 5 Jun

Flinders Ranges Devil's Peak Hueco Wall
23 Your Mother's Milk is the Devil's Drink

Move up corner at left end of wall (marked by a bright yellow streak) past a bolt. Continue with caution out right along the first horizontal break where good friends offer protection.

FFA: Robert Oliver & Matt Adams, 1994

Mixed trad 12m, 1
Flinders Ranges Devil's Peak Contrasts Wall
23 Little Devil

5m left of Contrasts. Follow corner to roof, traverse right (2 bolts).

FFA: Robert Oliver & Matt Adams, 1994

Mixed trad 15m, 2
Flinders Ranges Devil's Peak Wall of Evils
22 Evil Angels

The left hand line on the wall with a hard start that took some bouldering. Somehow gain the horizontal then up to a poor rest at the base of the vertical crack. Fire up this to step left to an easier finale.

FFA: Nick Neagle, 1988

Trad 15m
23 A Serenade to a Cuckoo

Right of the Matt Adams project and left of the top access flake is an overhanging and mildly flaring crack.

FFA: Matt Adams, Mark Witham & Stuart Williams, 1990

Trad 10m
Flinders Ranges Devil's Peak Leaning Wall
23 Chilli Tickle

The large crack right of F.O.T.B. Trad gear with chains to finish.

FFA: Unknown

Trad 20m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 472 routes.

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