Below Sealevel

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this crag is effected by tides and swell, but if you get it at the right time its excellent quality bouldering, long steep lines most with top outs on very solid rock, about 10 to 15 problems have been done along the 3 sections separated about 20m apart, right most is a high slippery roof, middle is a beautiful big 45deg wall with undercut starts and top outs (although this is closest to the waterline), left most is a weird feature wall. Apart from some average juggy lines furthest left the area is void of anything easy, with most problems being between v6 and v9. lots of fun here for a low tide (preferable xmas tides) and small swell. although bouldering has been done here in big swells, a low tide is more important

Access issues

In Kamay National Park -

Officially rock climbing is banned in this National Park. Keep a very low profile, do not use ropes or bolts, do not abseil, do not go in groups, avoid distrubing any wildlife or birds, take any rubbish (yours and others) with you and avoid climbing here during public holidays or whale watching season.


Park At Cape Solander and walk to Tabbigai Gap, then continue along the clifftop track out to the tip of the point and find a well hidden and exciting fishermans decent down the cliff (be careful) be aware this is the only way in/out of the area and it could be possible to get trapped in changing swells/tides. the crag is on the large rock platform just south of where you emerge


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Author(s): Neil Monteith & Simon Carter

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