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Good but spicy. 4 clips.

FA: Evan Bieske

Eastern side

FA: John Tuillack & Ted Cais, 1965

Choss line offering a short bouldery sequence.

FA: Lee Cujes & Adam Palmer, 2009

Ledgy climbing to an overhanging finale.

FA: Samantha Cujes, 2011

Now extended. 8 clips.

FA: Kim Carrigan

A warm up favourite.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2004

Most popular route here.

FA: Chris Frost

Starting in the cave above Rumple. The R route.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2008

Starting in the cave above Rumple. The L route.

FA: Doug Hockly

One bolt and gear up crack. Not good.

FA: Chris Frost

Face. Bolts and wires.

FA: Chris Frost

Fingery start to ledge, then pumpy face climbing.

FA: Kim Carrigan

Start GTD two bolts then into OS

FA: Duncan Steel, 8 Sep 2019

Rebolted in 2011. Independent finish added. Bouldery start, layoff-y middle, then pumpy jugging.

FA: Kim Carrigan

Fingery crux to pumpy sloper traverse.

FA: Kim Carrigan

Short but stylish. Starts at the little cave at the belay of THS. Up passing two BR’s and a FH to chains on ledge above.

FA: Mark Plenderleith

Needs wires.

FA: Mark Plenderleith

A direct version of Two Hours Sleep up the vague groove joining THS at its second last bolt. Black FHs. Layoff-y.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2009

Link-up. Up Countdown; at 4th draw traverse diagonally R through TAD, THS, ATD and finish on the anchors of OS.

FFA: Lucy Stirling, 20 Mar 2014

FA: Nate Foster, 20 Mar 2014

Grade is dependent on where you go at the crux. Direct gets the money.

FA: Kim Carrigan

Linkup. Climbs first 3 bolts of Pretender, then next 3 bolts of Countdown then finishes up final 3 bolts of Tongue and grove. Takes in the steepest line with sustained endurance climbing that will have you frothing for the chains. Pumpy!


FFA: Rob Saunders, 28 May 2017

Squeezed in left of Countdown. Low value.

FA: Duncan Steel

Ringbolted line of most resistance. The kneebar on Pretender is out.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2009

An epic five year battle, achieved by a 50yo Duncan Steel.

FA: Duncan Steel, 2011

Bouldery sequence on undercuts and small crimps.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2008

Open project. As for Vicious Wishes through the undercuts clipping Shaden's second last bolt (which is generally skipped on VW); then up right on an independent line between Shaden and The Don (carrot up high). The pocket at the clip is the last hold touched on Shaden.

Set by Lee Cujes

Links Beautiful Thing into the business of Shadenfreude via a 5 move sequence, avoiding the rest at Mugwump's rooflet.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 25 Apr 2012

One of the original hard routes here. Spicy crux. Pumpy L traverse at end to finish in cave.

FA: Chris Frost

Up Mugwump, but instead of traversing left to the cave, go straight up the corner to separate anchor. Harder.

FA: Duncan Steel, 1996

The beautiful orange crack starting from the cave above BT. Load the crack with gear then follow the carrots to top. Trends right after second carrot. Pulpit classic

FA: Chris Frost

Climb first three clips of BT. Then step up right into Mugwump. Motor through cruxes and bear down the direct exit of Mugwump. Sustained and engaging!

FA: Rob Saunders, 10 Jun 2017

Glorious power endurance.

FA: Erin (UK)

Linkup. BT (3 bolts) into Beastly. More sustained.

FA: Lee Cujes, 20 May 2012

Start at Beastly Behaviour then traverse to the right going through the 2nd bolt of BT, 1st Mudwump, 2nd bolt TD, 2nd bolt of Singularity, 3rd bolt Pretender, next 3 bolts of CD, then across until you finish up TBG.

FA: Duncan Steel, 4 Aug 2019

Bouldering on a rope. Slopers!

FA: Duncan Steel, 2007

Beastly into One Hit. Biggest endurance challenge in the state.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2009

A bodylength of incredibly bouldery moves. Someone will do it, one day.

Project - starts up angry Dragon then follow the new bolts across Particle Man then up to the beautiful thing cave left hand side. New anchors.

Set by Duncan Steel

Short version of Particle Man. Anchors on right. "Not a route".

FA: Chris Frost

Best endurance 25 in QLD. 40m pitch. Ignore halfway anchor (for lowering only).

FA: Chris Frost

Brilliant endurance pitch building to a definite crux, but then it's not over.

Start up Particle Man for 6 bolts before heading up and L.

FA: Duncan Steel, 2007

Up Particle Man for 3 bolts, left traverse to crux of Gay Abandon, left into Gay Pride for its crux and finish. 60m rope and lots of long runners.

FA: Duncan Steel, 29 Apr 2012

An access pitch to 'The Gay Cave'. Up first 3 bolts of Particle Man then traverse directly L to cave.

FA: Chris Frost

Two routes in one. Bouldery 27 off the deck, easy, then bouldery 29 into One Hit.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2009

The original Pulpit hard route from the Chris Frost days. Endurance and runouts.

FA: Chris Frost

Top end 28. Crimpy.

FA: Duncan Steel, 2007

From the left side of the cave, straight up the bulging green streak.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2011

High quality.

FA: Duncan Steel, 2007

Monkey climb tree against cliff, then bolts to ledge (the boneyard). Can climb up into the Gay Cave from here (1 FH), or up to belay ledge for Volts/Deadliest/Pincers.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2011

Climb out of the boneyard into The Volts at the 'big blob'. Not yet equipped.

Starts above IN at carrot anchors.R off belay and up. Wandery, carrots, hard, long.

FA: Chris Frost

Belay as for The Volts, but go up and L. Best 23 here?

FA: Lee Cujes

Starts at DBB blue hangers in scoop above IN. Step L, up slab to bulge. Bouldery sequence to ledge hold. Easier finish. Chain anchor above large ledge.

FA: Lee Cujes

Sustained face route just L of tree.

FA: Doug Hockly

Old school (runout) and hard for the grade.

FA: Doug Hockly

Arapilesean. Looks impossible, climbs amazingly. Technical and balancy. Best 28 at the cliff if not all of QLD.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2009

Linkup. Climb AOTC to the second bolt before the cave, then L into Hoodwinked (for 2 bolts) then L again into Collywobbles direct to finish.

FA: Duncan Steel, May 2012

Sustained and pumpy on carrots.

FA: Chris Frost

Bit of a weird one. At rooflet, step L for original (easier, runout) or go direct past FH (harder, well protected).

FA: Chris Frost

Starts from ground. Access pitch for Collywobbles etc. Tricky, be prepared.

FA: Lee Cujes, 2005

Two pitches

FA: Andrew Horshner

Up the black streak.

FA: Mark Plenderleith

FA: Denise

Onsight, no-pro lead by Rick White. We're led to believe it's one of the aretes.

FA: Rick White, 1968

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