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Certain sections of Colorado Wall are within the civilian boundary. If you abseil to the ground, you will be on defence (Commonwealth) land. The route 'Uncertain Fate' and this section of the cliff lie within the civilian boundary.

Access issues inherited from Mt Stuart

Visiting climbers are advised that a significant proportion of the cliffs lie in Department of Defence (Army) land. Trespassing on defence land is an offense. The Townsville City Council (TCC) controlled cliffs require a permit for climbing and/or abseiling. Do not park too close to the gate else your car may be moved. During the year, the car club holds races on the mountain road; during this time road access is closed. Mark Gommers is negotiating with the TCC to remove certain onerous restrictions such as a permit and indemnity insurance.

Ethic inherited from Mt Stuart

Installation of permanent anchors (eg bolts) is not permitted on City Council land or Department of Defence (Army) land. Take all rubbish with you. - Be aware of loose rocks and other climbers who could be below you.


History timeline chart

The original routes were discovered and developed by Scott Johnson during 1991. Mark Gommers added additional routes to the left and right during 1997 and again in 2001.



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The routes listed below start off the large series of ledges. The routes are listed from left to right facing the cliff.

Descend to lower ledge to start. This line has it all - laybacks, face, technical corner, arête and a spicy slab to finish.

FFA: Steven Ioannou & Kat Damjanovic, 4 Sep 2021

Top shelf climbing up the pumpy, pocketed wall.

FA: Steven Ioannou & Kat Damjanovic, 16 Apr 2021

1 23 30m
2 20 8m
  1. 30m 23. Climb Siddhartha 7m to ledge. Traverse left to crack and then up to large, sloping ledge and DBB.

  2. 8m 20. Obvious corner to chain.

FA: Scott Johnson & Aidan Forde, 1991

Start as per Immortality (couple of small cams required) following it until the sloping ledge then continue straight up. Progressively harder moves with building pump culminating with an extremely thin crux at the last bolt.

FFA: Kat Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 6 Aug 2021

1 24 26m
2 19 10m

Access by abseil chain.

  1. 26m 24. Start L of trees at the base of Colorado Wall, and take the diagonal crack up to small ledge. Up past 3 carrots to flake then crack and DBB.

  2. 10m 19. Move straight up the obvious corner.

FA: Scott Johnson & Matthew Swait, 1991

Shares the first 2 RB of Equilibre Instable extended the second RB, then Traverse left to line of FH's. Short but punchy with heart breaker to finish.

Set: zac, Sep 2021

FFA: zac & Byron Ebenestelli, 3 Oct 2021

A series of balancy boulders separated by rests. Take care of the cruxy move leaving the halfway ledge.

FFA: Steven Ioannou, Kat Damjanovic & Glen Hayford, 1 May 2021

Much more than your average crimp ladder, several aesthetic rails and unlikely kneebars guide the way through this sustained quest.

FFA: Kat Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 20 Nov 2021

The photogenic orange arete with two boulders separated by classic technical moves.

FFA: Steven Ioannou & Kat Damjanovic, 24 Jul 2022

Climb the crack to reach a formidable bulge & FH at about half-height where a hard pull will see you through to a semi-rest. Continue up & left to psyche up for the final overhung wail. Hard moves pass 2 more FH's lead to a welcome ledge.

FA: Mark Gommers, 2001

FA: Mark Gommers & Rik Wittkopp, 2001

FFA: Mark Gommers & Adam Hardaker, 2003

A forgotten project.

These routes start at ground level. listed From left to right looking up at the cliff.

1 24 40m
2 20 35m

Abseil (double ropes) from chains L of Immortality chains. Route starts at small tree 6m off the ground.

  1. 40m 24. Up arete for two bolts then move R into diagonal crack. Continue up small corner, then hanging arete past 8 FH to chains on slab.

  2. 35m 20. Technical corner past 3 FH, then flake under roof.

FA: Mark Gommers, Ross Anderson & John Blake, 1993

From the chains climb up and R to FH on the arete. Up finger crack in the arete, then step L across corner to join pitch 2 of A Few Good Men.

FA: Mark Gommers & Craig Colley, 1997

Height dependant grade for a good route to gain access the upper wall from the ground. Starting roughly 15m right of AFGM. Climb up the diagonal crack and up right to the 1m roof. Out left and back right to a thin seam, a reachy and insecure crux, then follow the bolts up and left to the chain. 5 FH.

FA: Lee Skidmore & Erik Smits, 1998

Up black wall through small roof then follow FH going left. Not sure if there is any anchors at top. Can't remember the names of the routes...Rik and Mark climbed these soon after succeeding on Uncertain Fate. Lost contact with Rik...

FFA: Mark Gommers & Rik Wittkopp, 2001

Same start as "Unknown Name 1" to 3rd FH then follow the right line of FH.

FFA: Mark Gommers & Rik Wittkopp, 2001

Located about 25m L of "Deliverance" just between "Great Wall" & "Colorado Wall", the route starts on the 5m high, free-standing rock pillar and ascends the overhanging, pocketed main wall.

  1. 15m 24. Start by bridging across between the pillar and the main wall to clip the first of six FHs. Sustained climbing up the seam with huecos leading to a ledge and double rings.

  2. 16m 21. Up the left side of giant flake to gain featured orange groove.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 1998

FFA: Steven Ioannou & Kat Damjanovic, 20 Nov 2022

Access via 35m rap from bolts above Lionsgate. Exceptionally steep and pumpy by Stuart standards.

FFA: Steven Ioannou & Kat Damjanovic, 9 Oct 2022

3m R of CRH. Tough boulder though the initial steepness then continuous climbing up the flakey wall.

FFA: Kat Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 26 May 2023


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