The Inner Circle contains the most extensively mapped areas at Harvey's Marbles. It was the first area discovered and contains numerous classic problems from this early period of development. In spite of this the area continues to produce classic first ascents, especially in the higher grades.

There are currently approximately 600 problems in the Inner Circle from V0 to V10, and many challenging unsent lines. Classics abound and vary dramatically in height, style and grade. If you are visiting only for a short period of time then you may wish to focus on "The Upper Terrace" and "The Lower Terrace" and "The Embankment", where the highest concentration of outstanding bouldering is found.

The great thing about the Inner Circle though is that everything is so close and it is possible to tour the different areas picking off classics as you go.

Access issues inherited from Harveys Marbles

Stay well away from the rifle shooting range ( This is private property and potentially extremely dangerous.


All areas in the Inner Circle are no further than a 10 minute walk from the car.

Ethic inherited from Harveys Marbles

Please respect the local ethics and at all times, look after the environment. This means definitely no chipping, use your wire brush sparingly and only on the holds that you are using, leave the trees alone (it is often possible to pull them aside temporarily if they are covering a problem), and of course take out everything that arrived with you. The rocks are covered in beautiful paint-like lichen that for the most part doesn't interfere with climbing. If you need to clean lichen from a problem, remove only what is essential, and preferably as little as possible.

Harvey's has innumerable very high lines, such as Spenser's "Deliverance" and "Walk The Line". Despite this, Harvey's Marbles remains a bouldering crag and therefore no bolting is allowed. Top roping is fine if you want to do something that is too high for you to boulder.

This is private land and we are very lucky to have permission to access it please follow some simple rules:

  • No bolts
  • Keep to the walking trails where possible.
  • Take all rubbish with you.
  • Protect the environment; try to leave as much of the moss growing on the rocks as possible.


History timeline chart

For a time, it was the only area with a guide and so was normally the only destination for visitors unless you attended with one of the developers.



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